October 15, 2017

Etsy Shop of the Month: The Wishing Elephant

Baby Deer Costume

As much as I love making my own costumes, I also love seeing what kind of handmade costumes others come up with. There's just something so special about them! For October's Etsy Shop of the Month, I just had to go with a costume designer - The Wishing Elephant.

This shop offers all kinds of adorable kids and baby costumes, from fruit to lederhosen to a ouija board. They're perfect for Halloween, of course, but many of these costumes are so cute and comfy they could be worn anytime. They'd also be great for seasonal photos (Cupid for Valentine's Day, anyone?) or just to add to a dress up bin.

World's Strongest Baby Costume

Nerd Baby Costume  •  Hostess Cupcake Baby Costume  •  Lederhosen Costume

Fruit Salad Triplet Baby Costume

Because most of The Wishing Elephant's costumes are made using onesies as a base, they'd be easy to get on your child (no crazy costume parts here!) and seem simply more comfortable and practical. The shop's sushi onesie costume has even appeared on Martha Stewart's show!

Violin Baby Costume  •  Chef Baby Costume  •  Ouija Board Baby Costume

Dress Up Wings

Black Swan Baby Costume  •  White Swan Baby Costume

Pineapple Baby Costume

Cactus Baby Costume  •  Cupid Wings

Murderino Costume  •  Record Player Costume  •  Nintendo Game Boy Costume
Sushi Baby Costume

Have you ever seen The Wishing Elephant shop before? Ever made your own baby costume? Which of these costumes would you love to own?

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