September 25, 2013

BEAUTY: Wet n Wild Liquid Lip Color Review

Like what you see here? I thought so, you lip loving maniac. 
Click below to check out my review and swatches over on My Beauty Bunny:


September 14, 2013

7 Best Bedrooms from TV & Movies

I had a serious case of bedroom envy as a kid. When I'd watch my favorite TV shows or movies, I was always distracted by the the characters' rooms. I loved to see the little details, and if a movie showed me a flashy montage of someone primping in their room, I was instantly pulled in. In reality, I was sharing a bedroom with my older sister for the first decade of my life, and she set the rules, which made me even more desperate for a fabulous space of my own.

There's just something so personal about bedrooms; it's where you go to be alone (or not...) and, for most people, the only place where you can completely do your own thing. For teenagers, I think bedrooms are even more important because they serve as both a sanctuary and a display of who you really are or want to be. I still find myself critiquing the homes from TV and film, wondering where my couch would go or how I'd rework a kitchen for optimal storage. You know, the important stuff that is totally not irrational at all. Here are a few bedrooms that have a special place in my heart:

Clarissa's Bedroom in Clarissa Explains It All
Is it just me, or is Sam totally staring at Clarissa's boobs in this picture?
I think most young ladies (and I'm sure some gents) of the early 90s wanted to BE Clarissa. First of all, she clearly knew everything, as demonstrated by her ability to "explain it all." Second, her fashion was 100% bonkers, 100% of the time and we were all drooly-faced over her clashing patterns and super-bright everything. Her room was really just an extension of that - she played with color and pattern, and her parents were completely okay with her painting random sections of her wall in a checkered pattern. She was living the dream! She also had her own computer, which was incredibly chic by 1992 standards, and her hat collection proudly hanging on the wall. Toss in her pet alligator Elvis and a ladder-accessible bedroom window for her BFF Sam and you have the perfect teen bedroom.

Cher's Bedroom in Clueless

Cher's bedroom is the quintessential object of desire from most of our childhoods (and perhaps adulthoods). We all wanted her closet, with its computerized clothes-finding system and rotation abilities. Many reasonable people left the film wanting a computer to dress them - something which is decidedly unreasonable - and I think we all kind of assumed that would've happened by now. That is how powerful this closet was. Note to the universe/manufacturers: WE'RE STILL WAITING. Her closet's fame often distracts from how great her bedroom is otherwise, with its spacious layout, huge windows and fireplace. Not many teens get a fireplace in their bedroom, but Cher was not an average teen.

Punky's Bedroom in Punky Brewster

Punky's room was a colorful explosion of paint and repurposed goods that, as Henry noted, "could blind a Smurf." I was so jealous of her rainbow room, but now I'd say she deserved it since she was abandoned in a supermarket by her mother. What a heartwarming tale! When she moves in with Henry, she decides to do a surprise makeover on his study - montage alert! - which he is not super pleased about, if you can imagine. The best parts? A bed made from an old flower cart and a smiling sun painted on her window, which is covered by a painted moon shade at night. She really thought of everything!

Not only did Punky get this badass room, she also got her own treehouse - montage #2 alert! This chick has a dream about a tree house, draws up a sketch, and Henry is like, "hey, let's do this!" so they get all their friends and their teacher (?!) to saw and paint and whatnot all day just to build the treehouse she dreamed about. Must be nice, Punky, must be nice.

Please note the "dog-a-vator" for Brandon. For a 6 year-old, she's really good with details.
I don't want to sound bitter, but I must point out that she later got HER OWN RESTAURANT as well, because Henry wanted to "give into Punky's dream to run her own teen hangout/burger establishment," according to Wikipedia. Of course, the restaurant was also colorfully fabulous and spunky (due to copious amounts of Punky Power, I'm sure) and aside from that time they thought a customer died at his table (Phew! Just narcolepsy!) everything went swimmingly there, too. Okay, okay...she did get totally orphaned in a strip mall so I guess she deserved it. Still, though.

Enid's Bedroom in Ghost World

Enid's bedroom was the dark, angsty retreat of my dreams! From a practical POV, I loved that she had her own bathroom, sizable closet and enough room for people to simply lounge. My room had no lounging opportunities! I was clearly missing out. Her vintage accessories and quirky style were right up my alley, and I'd daydream about having an area just to listen to records or the privacy to dye my hair green at will. Also, those square yellow shelves are something I'd still love to find at a flea market!

Lisa's Bedroom in The Simpsons

From a young age, I looked up to Lisa Simpson. She was like me in many ways, and she managed to excel in her less-than-perfect circumstances while also maintaining an adorable, colorful bedroom. I felt we were kindred spirits and I really wanted to get into her bedroom (but not, like, in a pervy way). It was simple and always neat: just a bed, nightstand, bookshelf and vanity (later a desk) were needed to make the perfect pink-overload heaven. She seemed to only show flair on her walls, with posters of saxophones and the Happy Little Elves. She kept it simple and I respected that. At one point, you could see a real-life recreation of the Simpsons' home, where you'd find Lisa's bedroom in all its color-inaccurate glory.

Kat's Bedroom in 10 Things I Hate About You

At a certain point, I thought there was nothing cooler than bedroom walls covered entirely in posters and band photos. I dipped my toes into this world around '96, when my sister finally left our room for her own place and I got to splash my walls with every single picture of Gwen Stefani that existed within a 10 mile radius, as well as sleep under a poster of Shirley Manson. When I saw Kat's bedroom a couple of years later, it only fueled me to "express myself" further. Cue collages, furniture makeovers and painting random checkered patterns around my room (thanks, Clarissa!). My freshmen dorm room was more like Kat's room and I even got a fire hazard warning, which is so Kat of me, right?!

The Girls' Bedroom in Full House

This room is so delightfully late 80s/early 90s that it warms my heart. I thought their red furniture was so classy and cool, and since I had red bunk beds (top bunk represent!) that I shared with my sister, I felt the same way by extension. Let's also not forget Michelle's pencil bed, as noted above. I always wanted a cool "modern" desk, and thought DJ's was AMAZING. Now, I recognize it as the type of cheap desk/chair you can get at, like, Big Lots or whatever, but back then my tiny bookworm self saw it as a proper study/writing/pretend-to-be-a-banker space. Yes, I used to pretend that I was a banker. For fun.

The original bedroom on Full House was everything I thought I wanted in a bedroom...until I saw their bedroom makeover! The new room was so colorful and modern (HAHAHA) with its aqua dresser and table set and pastel walls. That giant puffy "MICHELLE" floating on the wall definitely spoke to me and I would have killed for that bay window. I always wanted a window seat (which they had, but never used!) so I'd put a pillow on a tiny ledge next to my window and teeter there while reading, pretending that I was super comfy, and definitely not about to fall over or get a splinter in my ass.

Do you have any bedroom envy? What was your favorite TV or movie bedroom growing up? Can you believe we're still waiting for our own Clueless closets?

September 12, 2013

STYLE: Fun Flats

I love few things more than the ease of slipping on a pair of shoes without using my hands. I mean, I know it's a simple thing, and maybe doesn't seem worthy of such acclaim, but almost every day I can put my shoes on my feet in a nanosecond (a slight exaggeration) while simultaneously walking to the door and slinging my purse across my shoulder. I almost never have to bend at the waist or put any thought into my shoe-putting-on. Life's little pleasures! When summer winds down, often the hardest part for me is adjusting to the more elaborate fall footwear and the socks that go with it. It becomes such a process! Sitting, lacing, the whole nine. WHO HAS THE TIME? I'm keeping the foot freedom going with a never-ending parade of flats, and these fun printed, studded and animal-adorned numbers are totally crush worthy. Don't you agree?

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7
 Don't you kind of want to become a kindergarten teacher just so you can show up in those pencil flats on your first day and be all "oh, these old things?" while everyone nods gently because they know that you are the best kindergarten teacher to ever wield a pack of washable Crayolas? Me too!
8  //  9  //  10  //  11
Those yellow numbers above are HANDMADE on Etsy, and are suddenly making me feel inadequate for not making my own shoes.
12  //  13  //  14  //  15  //  16  //  17  //  18  //  19  //  20  //  21  //  22  //  23

I just cannot deal with boots yet and I kind of never want to wear a heel again lately. Flats forever! Are you switching up your seasonal footwear? Are you one of those crazy ladies that "feels better" in stilettos? Are you just dying to get some foxes or bunny ears all up on your feet?


September 9, 2013

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol.2

It's time for another round of Cool Stuff on the Internet! Here's some fun stuff I found recently:

I am a sucker for pop culture art and also a bit of a watercolor lover, so this Etsy shop full of  amazing portraits definitely caught my eye. There are multiple Clueless numbers, as well as a healthy dose of Audrey Hepburn, Molly Ringwald and Wednesday Addams. Relevant quotes accompany each portrait, and they are all very reasonably priced (even to this cheap-o). 

This site has so much cool art that I hard a REALLY hard time picking just a few samples here. Red describes herself as an artist-architect who likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush. Suddenly paintbrushes feel totally passe when there are carrot sticks, flower petals, and onion peels with which to make art. Are you seeing her version of The Scream? Hello! Check this out.

Damn, that's a nice clutch! Believe it or not, Olivia over at Wait Until The Sunset made this from an existing bag and some hologram contact paper. Somehow she also makes it look totally easy.

Some saint/lunatic runs this Instagram account which consists solely of, you guessed it, the same picture of Dave Coulier. Every. Single. Day. I would tell you to check it out, but you probably already get the point. It's somehow mesmerizing.

I think we've pretty much all had a moment with a Delia's catalog at some point. If that point for you was summer 1996, then you're in luck because some great soul has scanned the ENTIRE THING for us to peruse. I think '96-'99 is the ultimate era for catalog clothes nostalgia and these chunky heels and chain wallets might convince you of that, too.

This purse is like a total optical illusion - it's a real life, dimensional purse, but it takes it design inspiration from cartoons to give it that straight-from-the-comic-book-page look. With bold outlines and a misleadingly slim depth, this bag with confuse everyone when you pull out your lunch and cell like it ain't no thang.

I keep hearing about 3D printers, which to be totally honest I don't entirely understand. I feel like my brain is just not "in the future" enough right now to picture this process. That being said, some creative smarties printed out gorgeous 3D objects made of sugar which can be used for cakes or centerpieces.

Before you scroll down, know that these ARE NOT REAL HEADLESS PEOPLE. Ok, got that out of the way for you squeamish types. Among other strange habits, the Victorian people were also pretty wild about posing for faux headless photos for some reason. I'm glad they left evidence of their OG-Photoshop skills for us to be confused by forever. Nothing says 'family photo' like Mom's head in your hand, right?

What good stuff have you been finding around lately?


September 5, 2013

BEAUTY: Geometric Nails Tutorial

Nail art newbies - don't be intimidated by this look! It is deceptively simple and easy to replicate. The only thing you really need is the time to let everything dry well in between coats, but even those of us with shaky hands or less than stellar art skills can create this look. You can also get super crazy and draw a thin black outline between the shapes with a skinny nail art brush or add complementary colored polka dots to some of the sections. 

Wet n Wild Nail Polish in On a Trip & White 
Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Mint Sorbet, Mellow Yellow & Pacific Blue
Milani Nail Polish in Toe-Mato Red
Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in Sequin
Seche Vite Top Coat
Scotch Tape

Paint a base coat(s) of polish on each nail. I worked in a random pattern, but used mostly the lighter colors for the base since it's easier to paint darker shades over light rather than the other way around.

When the base coats are completely dry (I mean it, no cheating! I waited a couple of hours), place a strip of Scotch tape diagonally across a nail and press it gently to secure. I always stick the tape to the back of my hand first to remove some of the stickiness.

Use another shade to paint on the area that isn't taped off.

Slowly remove the tape. It's fine to do this before the nail polish dries.

Repeat these steps on the rest of your nails, maintaining a random color pattern.

You could stop at the last step, but to add a little more of a geometric vibe I painted colorful French tips on top of the diagonal sections. To do that, make sure that the nail polish is dry (again, really dry) and put a strip of tape across the tip of your nail, leaving a small section untaped. Fill in that untaped area with another color of nail polish. Remove the tape. You can also freehand the French tips if you feel up to it, which is what I did for most nails when I was too scared that it would mess up the existing nail polish.

Repeat on all nails and set with top coat to complete the multicolor geometric nail art. I like using a lot of colors that are kind of different to create a true randomness, but feel free to try this with a more matchy-matchy palette or even a monochromatic scheme.

I really like the un-matching nature of this design and color scheme for some reason. I usually tend to stick to more traditional schemes in my nail art and I definitely don't usually use this many colors in one look. Doing this pattern at random resulted in some unusual color pairings, and I actually ended up loving the mint green, yellow and silver combo the best. I would probably not have paired these before this experiment, but now I'm working on a whole nail art look based on just those shades.

Do you like geometric nails? Are you intimidated by creating any kind of pattern or art on your nails? Do you love Scotch tape as a nail tool as much as I do?


September 2, 2013

Watermelon & Coconut Water Cooler

I'm currently drowning in a refrigerator full of farm fresh produce courtesy of my brother, a local farmer. I know, there are much worse things. I am very appreciative to have access to delicious, brightly-colored edibles that I know were grown sans-chemicals a few towns away by the very same guy who used to delight in destroying my beloved Jonathan Taylor Thomas posters. The only hitch is finding enough ways to use up everything before it goes bad, which is why I'm on day five of inventive cucumber salads (so far a basic feta and balsamic mix is the winner).

I'm trying lots of new things, so I wanted to create a simple watermelon drink with stuff I had on hand. I hesitate to call this a "recipe" because it's basically a drawn out set of instructions telling you to put a few things in a blender and push a button, but bear with me, okay?

Watermelon  //  Coconut Water  //  Lime Juice  //  Ice  //  Blender

Cube the watermelon and add about 3 cups of it to your blender.
Honestly, when was the last time you saw black seeds in a watermelon?! Pretty much everything from the grocery store has been modified to lose unsightly elements like these, which is really weird to think about.

Add about 1 cup of coconut water to the blender. FYI, Trader Joe's now makes their own coconut water which is pretty delish and pretty cheap, at least in the world of coconut water, which means it's still kind of expensive for the amount you get (mine was $2.99 for 33 oz/1L).

Add a healthy squeeze of lime juice, depending on how much you like, which in my case is QUITE A BIT, THANK YOU. You can obviously also use a real lime which is the better option, but alas I was uncharacteristically lime-less this afternoon. I'm working through it.

Add the ice and blend, baby, blend! 

Enjoy with a color coordinated straw and a sliced watermelon wedge, which is what everyone does naturally and definitely not just because they're taking pictures of their drinks to put on the internet.

It even looks cheerful perched atop my ancient radiator!
The flavor is very distinctly watermelon, but the coconut water is pronounced, as well. That's great unless you don't like coconut water, which it seems plenty of people do not. Well, I do, but if you aren't feeling it, sub in fruit juice or even just more watermelon.

What blender drinks are you mixing lately? Are you still into summer drinks like these or are you like everyone else on my Facebook feed who is losing their minds over the reintroduction of pumpkin drinks already? Doesn't it seem kind of fun to drink a watermelon? (p.s. it is!)


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