October 2, 2017

DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy

* I'm participating in Blogtober, and blogging every day in October! Expect lots of costume ideas, scary movie suggestions, and cozy fall inspiration!

In honor of my favorite month and holiday (Halloween, duh) I'm bringing you a bunch of DIY Halloween costume ideas in the hope that you’ll find just the inspiration you need. There's nothing like a homemade Halloween costume brainstorming session to get that blood flowing!

Jerri Blank, lover of turtlenecks and bad decisions, is one of television’s finest cult icons, featured in the show Strangers with Candy. I hope you know her and love her, but if not, what are you doing reading this? Go watch Strangers with Candy stat!

Okay, we’re back. Assuming you’ve now fallen in love with Jerri’s adorably clueless fashions and ability to make pretty much everyone feel uncomfortable around her, you’re probably eager to dress as this late 90s standout in a mess of vintage jeans and bulky sweater vests. Some inspiration:

Jerri favors high-waisted denim, as well as layered looks almost always anchored by a turtleneck. She loves colors like rust, 80s-inspired boots, and long necklaces. You can’t go wrong with a backpack, either; after all, Jerri is a 46-year-old high school freshman!

For the hair, I suggest finding a cheap wig and customizing it, or twisting your own hair into a swoop and adding hair paint for the streak. Important: remember to pop those front teeth over your bottom lip at all photo opportunities!

There are many Jerri looks to choose from (wannabe cheerleader Jerri with a Flatpoint High t-shirt, school-assignment-mom Jerri with crimped hair, or cult member Jerri with a yellow gown and paper flowers), but classic Jerri is all about outdated, oddly colored clothes that are distinctly drab and unflattering. Go ahead - tuck that sweater vest into your jeans…Jerri would want it that way.

Here’s a suggested outfit to get your started:

Turtleneck: Amazon • Vintage Sweater Vest: Etsy • Necklace: Ebay • Fanny Pack: Amazon • Vintage Jeans: Ebay • Vintage Boots: Ebay • Earrings: Etsy

This costume really lends itself to a couple or group option, too - go with your own Orlando, Tammi, Geoffrey Jellineck, Chuck Noblet or frozen dad for a group costume that says “hi, we’re all insane!” What’s better than that?

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