August 30, 2013

OBSESSED: Boopsie Daisy

Little Monsters Print Set
I don't take my obsessions lightly, nor do I feature a lot of Etsy shops here because there are just SO MANY good ones that I favorite and stalk on a regular basis, but Boopsie Daisy is Different with a capital "D". Boopsie Daisy (hmmm, I'll call it 'Boopsie' for short) is full of incredibly colorful kitschy art prints and illustrations featuring such fine sights as vintage kitties answering the phone, doll-faced mermaids, a cutesy deer wearing a strawberry as a hat and a cheeky baby face peering out hilariously from a pile of ridged potato chips. So, it might not be for everyone, but it's certainly for me!

The bright hues of pink, blue and orange catch your eye, while the drips of melting ice cream cones and heavily sprinkled donuts keep your attention. It's art with a sense of humor and a major sense of kitsch. I drool over the photography prints, but the dreamy illustrations (think winking cotton candy and high-school-era Bride of Frankenstein) are also completely original and often adorable. Plus, the prints come with amazing pun-filled names (you'll meet "Spag Eddie" and "Peteza" below) to keep the tongue-in-cheek theme going.
Potato Chip Print  //  Olivia Print
Broc Ollie Print  //  Spag Eddie Print
Diggin the Dog Print  //  Eat It Doll Up Print
Bun & Jerry Print  //  Cotton Candy Print
Triple Skewpie Print  //  Doughnt Eat Me Print
One Sweet Ride Print  //  Peas Eat Healthy Print
A Ghoul's Gotta Print  //  Deep Sea Print
Carolyn Guine Print  //  Sue Shi Print  //  Pam Cake Print
Cuke Amber Print  //  Cornelius Print  //  Marshmallows & Coco Print
YoGerti Print  //  Peteza Print  //  Caesar Sally Print
Described as "a 1950s diner on an acid trip," Boopsie's art is the perfect soft serve twist of creepy and cute, with just a bit of sweetness sprinkled on top. Check out the Boopsie Daisy Etsy shop and the Boopsie Daisy Flickr for more delightful wonders!

Do you like your art kitschy? Could you stand to have smiling doll heads all over your walls? What kind of fun art are you creeping on Etsy? Let me know in the comments so I can creep along with you!


August 20, 2013

DIY: Vinyl Collar Necklace

I know detachable collars have been around for a while now, but I've neglected to share a way that I make them that is SO easy it's kind of unfair to keep it to myself. I like to sew them or just cut out collars from old shirts, but when I need to whip up a quick necklace (what, you don't?) I use this method. Vinyl is one of those fabrics, along with other wonders like felt and tulle, that is near and dear to me for one reason: NO HEM NEEDED. You cut the fabric and it's not going to fray or beg to be cleanly sewed. This kind of thing gives me way more pleasure that it likely should, but here we are.

Vinyl can be pricey, but I always check the remnants bin at the craft store (which is where I scored this stuff). Pair that with one of those 40% off coupons Joann's can't seem to give me enough of, and we're talking huge mounds of vinyl for chump change (bringing that phrase back, you're welcome). The only downside is that, to me, vinyl sometimes smells overwhelmingly like band-aids. Just me? Sometimes I am convinced that I have a weirdly strong sense of smell. Like, I've smelled dinners on other floors in my apartment building before. Moving on.

 Vinyl  //  Paper & Pencil  //  Metal Studs  //  Chain  //  Scissors  //  Jewelry Pliers  //  Chain Cutters  //  Clasp  //  3 Jump Rings  //  Puncturing Tool 


First, draw the shape you want for your collar on the piece of paper. I freehanded this (hard to believe by this picture, I KNOW) but you can also trace a collar/necklace that you already have. Cut out the paper shape.

Trace it once on the back side of the vinyl. Cut that shape out.

To get the other side of the collar you need to re-trace the paper shape on the back of the vinyl, but first flip the paper shape over horizontally. I think this is obvious, but if you were to cut two of the same shape they would not fit together like a collar when you flip them right side up - you'd have two shapes swooping to the left (or right). You need each shape to swoop to the middle (see second picture below this). I only stress this because even though I knew this going in, I traced the wrong way a seriously embarrassing amount of times. Sometimes your brain betrays you!

Opposite shapes swoop TOWARD each other! Ah, this world is full of wonder!
Line your metal studs up in the position you'd like them. This will give you an idea of how many you need and about where to put them. You can definitely make a mark for each one or get really neat with it, but I just went with a freehanded outline. It's not perfect, but neither am I so we'll be a great fit!
I'm using studs from an old belt, but Ebay has really good deals!
Start poking your studs through the vinyl where you want them. If you have trouble use something sharp like your puncturing tool to poke a little hole where the prongs will go.

The prongs will poke through the back of the vinyl and you'll need to flatten them down with either your hand (you little badass!) or a tool.

Use your puncturing tool (or a pin or something) to poke a hole in the pointy tip of each collar piece. Use the jewelry pliers to open a jump ring, loop it through each hole, and close it.

Poke a hole at the other end of the pieces, too, and add an open jump ring. Cut two equal lengths of chain (depending on how long you want the necklace) and attach one to each jump ring and close the ring. Attach a clasp at the other end of the chain and call it a day, 'cause you just made some jewelry, baby!


There you have it - a super quick vinyl collar necklace! Do you like collar necklaces or detachable collars? Are you as fond of vinyl as I am? How can I use my super smell for good instead of evil?


August 14, 2013

BEAUTY: Purple Smoky Eye Tutorial

I would say that I lean toward the colorful side of the world (maybe you noticed?) and I just can't get down with neutral smoky eye looks, no matter how many times Cosmo or whatever tells us how essential they are. I do like brown and gray eyeshadows, but when I'm going to the trouble of using multiple shades, like in this smoky eye look, I want some color payoff that pops. I love purple eyeshadow because it can be dark enough to seem conventional or bright enough to seem experimental. Also, it is supposedly a "good" color for those of us with brown eyes, according to the companies that are trying to sell us eye-color-specific eyeshadow palettes. Who can we trust if not them?

 Purple Eyeshadow Palette {I'm using the Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette}
Purple Eyeliner Pencil {I'm using Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Liner in Lust}
Black Gel Eyeliner {I'm using Wet n Wild gel liner in Little Black Dress}
Mascara  //  Eyeshadow Brush  //  Crease Brush  //  Eyeliner Brush

As you can see above, I added numbers to the shades we're using to keep it simple. First, use the eyeshadow brush to sweep shade #1 all over your lid from lash line to brow bone. 

Next, apply shade #2 to your crease with the crease brush (duh).

Use the crease brush again to apply shade #3 in the outer corner of your eyes. You're going for a "V" shape situation here, so imagine a letter "V" with its butt diagonal from the end of your eyebrow and its mouth about to chomp down on the outer half of your eyelid. That analogy actually makes this sound more complicated than it is, and it really makes the letter "V" out to be kind of a jerk, but work with me here.

Use a small fluffy brush (I'm using my crease brush AGAIN mostly because it was right there) to apply shade #4 just under your eyebrow and in the inner corner of your eye as a highlighter.

Next, I applied a bit of shade #2 to the outer half of my bottom lash line and shade #4 to the inner half of my bottom lash line. An eyeliner or smudge brush works best here, but I'm using an eyeshadow brush because I can't stress enough how close it was to me.

Next, I applied my gel eyeliner. I wrote about some BH gel liner recently which I was not super happy with, but this Wet n Wild gel liner is pretty decent. I've been using it daily and have been happy with its lack of transferring and its staying power. It is SO easy to apply and very pigmented. I don't know how, but Wet n Wild keeps tricking me into buying things with Fergie's name on them, which I never saw coming.

Finally, I put on mascara and applied the purple pencil liner to my waterline for a purple-y pop. The phrase "purple-y pop" is like the word equivalent of a bouncy ball. Say it in your try to stop. Sorry, but it's actually impossible.

You know it's summer because these nose freckles are OUT TO PLAY.

In case you prefer illustrations to humans, below is a instructional graphic that I made just for you. Also, you should know that an illustration will NEVER love you back no matter how hard you try.
Hey, these numbers match the numbers above - what a coincidence!
I should also add that the mascara I used is TERRIBLE. I got it free with the purchase of a small eyeshadow palette and thought I'd give it a try, which I did here, but found it to do almost nothing for my lashes. It felt too liquidy in the tube, and seemingly ceased to exist when I put it on my eyes. I would call this ghost mascara, meaning that it was invisible, not that it is a ghost beauty product, in case that wasn't clear. I don't want anyone getting any ideas.

So, are you down with purple eyeshadow? Don't you get kind of bored with neutrals and black/gray looks? Why is Wet n Wild so AMAZING most of the time and then truly suckish at others? The world's great mysteries...


August 10, 2013

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol.1

So, I used to do weekly Roundup posts featuring fun stuff I'd found around online that particular week, but it's been quite some time since I've fulfilled that commitment (we're talking blue moon status) for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I didn't feel like it. Second of which, I was not in the mood. And so on. I'm planning on resurrecting this feature every now and again as I see fit. Lucky you! Here's some cool stuff I found on the internet this week: 

At Home With Megan Charters via A Beautiful Mess
The "At Home With..." series is one of my favorite features on A Beautiful Mess, and this home is just my style. Lots of kitschy decor and midcentury furniture, plus a creepy cool portrait named Jerry.

30 Minute Homemade Soft Pretzels via Sally's Baking Addiction
I basically consider most of my life to be moments between soft pretzels. That is to say, I'm a fan. I've gone the homemade route before and they were okay, but this recipe seems much more promising, not to mention WAY faster.

DIY Pressed Flower Sunglasses via Cowbiscuits
This DIY is genius and so gorgeous! I'm always toying with the idea of gluing random stuff to sunglasses, but this is much more sophisticated that the things I had in mind.

Glitter Brows FOTD via Kitsch Vixen
Do I really need to say more than GLITTER BROWS?

Embellished Floral Dresses via ASOS (One & Two)
I have no valid excuse to drop the nearly $150 these dresses are each asking, but there is something to be said for super detailed, beautiful embellishments like these. You just keep bringing it, ASOS!

Sharks With Human Teeth via Lost At E Minor
Just what it says in the title, a bunch of sharks with human teeth photoshoped onto their hilarious little mouths. Already, this is actually more entertaining than Shark Week, am I right?

Color Club Miss Bliss Holographic Polish via Streets Ahead Style
Damn, this polish is SHINY. I really want a great holographic nail polish (I told you I was obsessed!), but a lot of them are pah-ricey. This one is actually reasonable! Who knew?

Louise's Creepy Corner via xoJane
Okay, I'm a little obsessed with reading creepy stories online, although I can't figure out why I always seem to do it at night when I'm sure there is a crowd of ghosts reading over my shoulder. This new feature on xoJane offers good creeps, but the comment section is where it's at - everyone has a tale to tell! Grab a nightlight and read up. Check out the first and second installments, too.

What cool stuff are you finding around your virtual neighborhood this week?


August 3, 2013

DIY: Garter Belt from Leggings

When I think of garter belts, I immediately remember a lacy one that my grandmother mistakenly gifted to my older sister for Christmas one year, thinking it was...I don't know, a bra or something? My sister was maybe 14, so it was kind of an unexpected gift to receive from a grandparent, but I think it was an honest mistake. I think my grandmother saw it upside down and thought it was a tiny bra? None of this makes any sense and probably says much too much about my home life, but if you haven't had the pleasure of receiving lingerie from a grandparent, I have an easy way for you to make some yourself!
I guess I can see how this would look like a bra if it were upside down, but STILL!
I have a problem with never letting old clothes go, even when they're stained or the crotch is blown out, like with these super cheapo leggings. I'm going to leave the part about the blown out crotch there because when you start with a grandmother garter belt story, any semblance of class or dignity is already gone. These kinds of things go into my "sewing pile" which may or may not include clothes I haven't worn in nearly a decade, but with which I am just about to do something. I needed to give these leggings a new life because I would otherwise pay good money for stretch jersey by the yard, and this was free and had a finished waistband! The trash is for suckers, am I right?

I've been wanting some kind of not-expensive garter belt, not for looks, but for the actual intended use - to keep my damn knee socks from slumping to my calves every 10 minutes. It felt like every step I take in knee or thigh-high socks scoots them down a little more. LAME! This DIY garter belt cost me literally $1 to make because I had everything but the bows AND I used a coupon because I know how to live life. Sew along with me, won't you?

Leggings  //  4 Garter Clips  //  1/4" Elastic  //  Decorative Bows  //  Needle & Thread  //  Scissors  //  Sewing Pins  //  Sewing Machine (optional)

First, fold your leggings in half lengthwise. Cut a straight-ish line from the crotch to the outer seam (you'll be cutting all layers at once). You can make this a little shorter if you want, I just opted to keep it on the long side so it works as a slip-type garment as well. I apparently have a need for a garter and a slip because it is suddenly 1957 or something.

Fold over the raw edge you just cut toward the inside and then fold over again. Pin it in place.

Repeat the edge folding and pinning along the entire seam and sew.

On to the suspender pieces! You'll need to cut four lengths of elastic, and the length will depend on your height and how far down you want the suspenders to hang. I added an extra inch to two of the elastics because the back ones need to be a little longer to accommodate for dat butt. 

Take a piece of elastic and pass it through the open loop at the end of the garter clip (going toward the back of the clip). Fold the cut end of the elastic into itself to create a clean hem on the back of the garter clip. Sew and repeat.

Four completed suspenders.

Flip your garter belt inside out and pin your front suspender to the middle of either the right or left half. (I just keep calling them that, but let's be real - is there an actual term for the dangly bits? Suspenders seems like the best option.) Pin the other front suspender in a similar position on the other side. Pin the back suspenders based on the position of the front ones. Sew these all in place.

This is technically optional, but the idea that you would come this far and then neglect to add a tiny bow to your garter belt really says something. And it isn't something good, just to be clear. Not to bully you, but just take the extra 10 minutes to hand sew some tiny bows to the elastic of the front suspenders (or truly blow me away and sew them on all four). IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Also, if you do them in black like I did it makes your knees feel like they're wearing tiny bow ties and that's an experience you can't get very often, if at all. If you know of an alternative source of that "knees in a bow tie" feeling please feel free to email me.

That's actually it! Pretty simple, yes? Because of the fabric and color this thing is kind of a pain to photograph, but I think you can understand the general idea. When you're done you'll have a stretchy tube to wear on your waist and/or hips which will keep your knee and/or thigh-high socks in place. Please don't judge me for owning a Tori Spelling book, I beg of you! If you promise not to judge, I'll promise not to buy all of her other books...again. I'm getting rid of them, I swear!

Another view in which you can see my apartment's buzzer. It's like my very own robot/duck/monster that always looks like it's screaming at me. Fun!

It's kind of hard to show you the whole thing without showing you my whole thing, but you get the idea here. Since the suspenders are elastic, they can stretch to hang low or just stay up higher and out of sight if that's more your style.

Just in case you need to know how to use the garter clips:
1. Sandwich your sock between the sides of the open clip.
2. Slide the "nub" of the bottom side up so that it rests in the larger upper section of the top side.
3. Push the nub down so it fits snugly into the smaller lower section of the top side.
4. This is how the back should look.

Would you wear a garter belt or is that too old fashioned for you? Are your socks constantly slipping like mine? What are you doing with your old clothes - something normal like just donating or trashing them? Why can't I just let $5 leggings go?!


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