October 27, 2017

Clarissa Explains It All Costume

The icon herself, Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains It All, makes a fun, quirky and very recognizable costume, with tons of room for customization. A 90s classic, Clarissa's style is all about over-the-top pattern mixing, bright colors, headbands, shorts layered under other shorts, 60s flowers, 90s pop art, polka dots, globe-shaped earrings...all the good stuff!

Dressing as Clarissa seems like a blast because you can basically wear any fun, bright clothes you want. Some black elements, like a moto jacket and combat boots, ground the look and make it distinctly Clarissa rather than just generically 90s. Just to be sure, why not carry a toy alligator as a reference to her pet Elvis?

Here's how I'd make a DIY Clarissa Darling costume:

The Inspiration

Shorts  •  Jean Shorts •  Shirt  •  Socks  •  Flower Patches  •  Belt  •  Bracelets  •  Alligator  •  Boots  •  Hair Scarf  •  Earrings

Live my childhood dream of having a piece of Clarissa's wardrobe! This is great to pair with maybe a Ferguson or Sam costume (carry a tiny ladder?!) for groups/couples, but honestly who needs anyone else when you look this cool?

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