October 21, 2017

DIY Costume Idea: Ladies of 90210

Get ready, guys, because I'm sharing DIY costume ideas every day for the next week! Tons of fun inspiration to get your Halloween spirit revved up, baby!

This 90210 (OG cast only, plz) costume is fun, easy and works well solo or in a group. I didn't include Andrea because if you're looking for help in being Andrea Zuckerman for Halloween you need the kind of help that I just can't offer, I'm sorry.

Anyway, below you'll find my thoughts, ideas and careful research about this very important topic so that you may become the 90s teen soap star of your dreams!

Brenda Walsh Costume: The Inspiration

Brenda takes a real fashion journey throughout the series, from midwest transplant in dorky blouses to thin-browed, tough girl in all black everything, so you've got some choices here. I opted for the latter, because duh, and went with one of Brenda's stranger signature style choices: the vest-as-shirt look. With high-waisted jeans and era-appropriate accessories, everyone will mistake you for Brandon's cooler twin. Don't forget the brown lipstick!

Vest: Amazon  •  Jeans: Topshop  •  Choker: Amazon  •  Belt: Amazon  •  Boots: Macy's

Kelly Taylor Costume: The Inspiration


Kelly is the wealthy fashion queen of 90210, but for some reason dresses largely like a laid back wall street trader. Red is her signature color (even her convertible is cherry!) and she loves a pop of white. A strong blazer is key here, and paired with dated jeans and accessories you'll be making dorks swoon in the hallways in no time.

Blazer: Topshop  •  Jeans: Topshop  •  Shirt: Prana  •  Belt: Target  •  Shoes: Frye

Donna Martin Costume: The Inspiration

Donna Martin never met a flower print she didn't love. This virginal ditz is like a 90s time capsule, all Blossom hats and daisy prints. Her go to color is yellow, from her sunflower bikini to her bleached hair. Steal her matchy-matchy floral dress and headband look to make David Silver do a double take! 

Dress: Amazon  •  Shoes: H&M  •  Headband: Etsy  •  Earrings: Etsy  •  Choker: Disruptive Youth

Option B:

I'd be remiss not to mention these other 90210 costume options. Grab a friend and go as the accidentally matching prom dress version of Brenda and Kelly:

Or wear classic graduation garb and a wig for a Donna Martin Graduates costume:

Okay, okay, I'm done! Until tomorrow anyway...

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