October 22, 2017

DIY Costume Idea: Burrito

Another almost-but-never costume for me is a burrito! I love the coziness of this costume from the soft wrapping, which p.s. also makes it great for kids and babies. Truly nothing would be cuter than a lil’ baby wrapped up like a burrito!

Here’s how I would make a DIY burrito costume:

The Outer Layers

• First things first - get a large rectangle of beige fabric for the tortilla. A thin foam, thick fleece or neoprene works well for sturdiness. Something that can at least somewhat hold its shape. 

• Cut a hole in the rectangle for each arm and put it on like you would a vest.

• Overlap the ends of the rectangle over your chest/stomach until you like the positioning. Secure with a stretchy belt around your waist.

• Cut large pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil to wrap around the bottom half of your tortilla. Secure with hot glue. When you get to the top portion, wrap the foil over your belt to conceal it and keep the foil in place.

The Fillings

• Cut out shapes from felt or foam sheets to look like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and whatever other toppings you’d like. For reference, here’s a sandwich costume and a part of a sushi costume I made previously:

• Add additional items, like jumbo pom moms in black to looks like beans. Get creative!

• When you have your toppings, hot glue them to the edges of your tortilla wrap, facing out so that they look overflowing.

The Headpiece

• Using a white polymer clay like Fimo, make a long “snake” about one or two inches in diameter. Curl the snake around in a circle shape and continue, stacking upwards on each loop until you have a tall dollop shape for the soup cream.

• Bake the clay to harden.

• Secure the sour cream to a white headband with glue to finish the look.

Yum! You look delicious!

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