October 13, 2017

Fashion Inspiration from Ladies of Horror

As part of Blogtober, I'll be re-running some past posts that fit this month's theme. This post was originally published in April 2012.

Friday the 13th is a rare and special treat - most people are freaked out by the morbid associations, but I delight in any day that feels like a holiday. Seriously - any excuse (even a superstitious nonevent) to put a little special spice in the air is okay by me. In honor of this most fearful of Fridays I'm showing you how to get horror movie-style glamour directly from the queens of scream themselves. 

The Birds

Even though we pretty much only see one outfit on Tippi Hedren in The Birds, it was definitely a good one. Her vintage green dress suit could still be rocked today and her simple, sleek accessories could still make us "flock" to her (yes, I went there). Here's how she'd do it up today:

• • • • •

The Craft

The Craft was HUGE for me and my friends and I was always drawn to the wardrobe of Rachel True's character Rochelle. This look was LITERALLY the epitome of chic to me in 1996 and I tried (and failed) to pull it off with my limited 5th grade wardrobe. Gotta admit - I'd still feel incredibly cool in this right now. Also, why don't we wear more suspenders?

• • • • •

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy was so cool I could barely stand it. I once watched this movie ten times in 48 hours before returning my rental in 2nd grade. I have her wardrobe memorized, from daisy print dress to spandex unitard and every jean jacket in between. Words of wisdom: anyone who can effortlessly pull off a black leather jacket over a prom dress is a fashion pro. Here's how to steal her best slaying gear:

• • • • •

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Some may find her repulsive, but I'm strangely drawn to the girl gremlin. Her confidence is insane! She's like a leathery Marilyn Monroe. Wearing a pink boa and full on ball gown like it's just ~whatevs~ shows this chick can pull off anything! A full head of retro styled green hair is a look I'd like to pursue, but we can start small with a few clip in streaks.

• • • • •

Rosemary's Baby

OK, so Rosemary had some serious shit going on, but she still managed to knock the whole fashion thing out of the park. Her baby is all Satan-y and she's still sporting non-stop hats, mod collars and to-die-for nighties. If she can find the time to wear perfect shift dresses while solving the whole 'what the hell is going on' thing then what's our excuse?

• • • • •


Like The Birds, we get just a glimpse into the potential super closet of Janet Leigh in Psycho, but it's stayed engrained in our collective memory. Her simple shirt dress and selective jewelry are smart for a gal on the run and I think we can all give thanks that her clothes were spared during the infamous shower scene. Also, can we talk about THOSE BROWS? Perfection.

• • • • •

The Shining

The Shining twins are probably not topping any lists of who we most want to emulate, but let's step back from the creepiness for a sec...their look is actually pretty cute, am I right? Nightgown-esque dress, knee socks, mary janes - YES. Throw on some Gemini jewelry as a nod to your "better half" and this lipstick in the shade REDRUM and you can have the twins' look - minus the blood stains (unless you're into that, of course).

They're not only there to terrify you: the ladies of horror can be major fashion inspiration! Follow their lead - err, at least in the clothing realm - to get a cool, vintage or tough look that's so good it's scary.

Who is your favorite lady of horror?
Which of these looks would you want to wear the most?

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