October 7, 2017

20 Cozy Sweaters You Need This Fall

Ahhh, sweater weather. The weather so nice they make novelty t-shirts about it. Somehow they don't see the irony there?


This is (or will be when we stop getting these random 80 degree days) the perfect time of year to wrap up in a soft, maybe fuzzy, maybe oversized, sweater to keep the chillies at bay. A girl can only fit so many sweaters in her closet, but no one said anything about limiting (browser) window shopping, did they?

Intarsia Hound Dog Sweater, Modcloth $49.99

Plus Size V-Neck Sweater, Forever 21 $19.90

Button-Front Duster Vest, Lane Bryant $69.95

Knit Beaded Sweater, H&M $49.99

Talah Eyelash Cardigan, Anthropologie $148.00

What cozy sweaters are you wearing this fall?

1 comment:

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