April 26, 2012

DIY: How to Paint a Purse

I tend to hoard random thrifted goodies around my apartment until I know exactly what I want to do with them. My goal is to buy only things that have an immediate purpose because my craft and sewing piles never seem to shrink no matter how many projects I complete. Sometimes, though, I find things that are so unique, or alternately so basic - like in this case, that I know I can make them something great, which is exactly what I felt about this vintage purse.

It was black, simply shaped and plain as can be. I knew it needed to be painted and though I originally bought it to paint a piano key print on (WILL still do this!), I decided to play up its envelope shape to make a cool chevron print bag. Here’s how you can do that too:

What You Need
> Purse
> Acrylic Paint(s)
> Mod Podge
> Paintbrushes
> 1” Painters Tape
> White Chalk/ Crayon
> 1” Wide Ruler
> Rubbing Alcohol & Cotton Ball

How to Do It
1. Wipe down the surface of your purse with the alcohol soaked cotton ball to get it clean.

2. Using your ruler, lightly trace a vertical line down the center of your purse. This will be the point where all stripes meet.

3. Starting at the bottom of the area you’re painting, line up the edge of your tape with the edge of your purse, going toward your center point. Repeat on the opposite side of the purse to form a “V” shape stripe.

4. Match your ruler up with the top edge of your tape and trace this line toward your center point. 
Again, repeat on the opposite side.

5. Repeat the above process, alternating taped and empty stripes, until you run out of space. Apply tape along the sides and back of the purse where needed to avoid bleeding and accidents.

6. Apply your paint in the un-taped areas and allow it to dry completely. Apply another coat if needed. Mine took 3 coats.

7. When fully dry, apply 1 coat of Mod Podge over the painted areas. Dry completely.

8. Remove your tape carefully to reveal a pretty and (hopefully) sharp-edge chevron stripe pattern! I opted to paint the bottom portion of the purse too and an accent color strip since my purse had a double flap thing going on.

Don’t freak out if some lines aren’t crisp or you get some paint in the wrong place. I found my accidental paint drips came off pretty easily with a wet rag and hard scrubbing. You can also use a permanent marker that matches your purse to clean up any blurry edges.

It’s really that easy! I got this purse for $2.99 at Savers and with supplies I had on hand and ones I needed this bag was less than $5.00! Not bad for a one-of-a-kind piece that is tailored exactly to my style!

Let me know if you try this out – I’d love to see what ideas and color patterns you came up with!


April 20, 2012

BEAUTY: How to Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is great for warmer weather because it's lighter on your face and often contains much needed SPF protection. Making your own is super simple and prevents you from dropping a dime on a separate product because you can whip this up with things you probably already have. TIP: this is also a great project for those too-dark foundations you bought by mistake because you can lighten them up to your perfect shade!

What You Need
Facial Moisturizer with SPF
Empty Bottle
Mixing Tool

How To Make It
1. Squeeze a plop of your moisturizer into your bottle.
2. Pour an equal amount of your foundation into the bottle. I used about a
1:1 mixture, but you can add more foundation or moisturizer to change the shade.
3. Stir your mixture with your mixing tool and/or shake the bottle with the cap on.

You're done - it's really that easy to make your own custom shade of tinted moisturizer! You can also try this with mineral power foundations for a more sheer result and/or add some bronzer powder for a pop of tan. Any way you mix it you've got a cheap, easy and useful product to add to your makeup bag!


April 13, 2012

STYLE: Style Inspiration From the Ladies of Horror

Friday the 13th is a rare and special treat - most people are freaked out by the morbid associations, but I delight in any day that feels like a holiday. Seriously - any excuse (even a superstitious nonevent) to put a little special spice in the air is okay by me. In honor of this most fearful of Fridays I'm showing you how to get horror movie-style glamour directly from the queens of scream themselves. 
(click any style board to learn more)

The Birds
Even though we pretty much only see one outfit on Tippi Hedren in The Birds, it was definitely a good one. Her vintage green dress suit could still be rocked today and her simple, sleek accessories could still make us "flock" to her (yes, I went there). Here's how she'd do it up today:

The Craft
The Craft was HUGE for me and my friends and while she seemed to have the least screen time, I was always drawn to the wardrobe of Rachel True's character Rochelle. This look was LITERALLY the epitome of chic to me in 1996 and I tried (and failed) to pull it off with my limited 5th grade wardrobe. Gotta admit - I'd still feel incredibly cool in this right now. Also, why don't we wear more suspenders?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy - and I'm talking movie version Buffy here - was just SO cool I could barely stand it. I once watched this movie ten times in 48 hours before returning my rental in 2nd grade. I have her wardrobe memorized, from daisy print dress to spandex unitard and every jean jacket in between. Words of wisdom: anyone who can effortlessly pull off a black leather jacket over a prom dress is a fashion pro. Here's how to steal her best slaying gear:

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Some may find her repulsive, but I'm strangely drawn to the girl gremlin. Her confidence is insane! She's like a leathery Marilyn Monroe. Wearing a pink boa and full on ball gown like it's just ~whatevs~ shows this chick can pull off anything! A full head of retro styled green hair is a look I'd like to pursue, but we can start small with a few clip in streaks.

Rosemary's Baby
OK, so Rosemary had some serious shit going on, but she still managed to knock the whole fashion thing out of the park. Her baby is all Satan-y and she'd still sporting non-stop hats, mod collars and to-die-for nighties. If she can find the time to wear perfect shift dresses while solving the whole 'what the hell is going on' thing then what's our excuse?

Like The Birds, we get just a glimpse into the potential super closet of Janet Leigh in Psycho, but it's stayed engrained in our collective memory. Her simple shirt dress and selective jewelry are smart for a gal on the run and I think we can all give thanks that her clothes were spared during the infamous shower scene. Also, can we talk about THOSE BROWS? Perfection.

The Shining
The Shining twins are probably not topping any lists of who we most want to emulate, but let's step back from the creepiness for a sec...their look is actually pretty cute, am I right? Nightgown-esque dress, knee socks, mary janes - YES. Throw on some Gemini jewelry as a nod to your "better half" and this lipstick in the shade REDRUM and you can have the twins' look - minus the blood stains (unless you're into that, of course).

They're not only there to terrify you: the ladies of horror can be major fashion inspiration! Follow their lead - err, at least in the clothing realm - to get a cool, vintage or tough look that's so good it's scary.

Who is your favorite lady of horror?


April 9, 2012

DIY: Ring Holder

I love jewelry. Like I really love jewelry. I’ve always been the type to have way too much of it even though I earnestly attempt to clear out some of my stash every year. Because I also make a lot of jewelry my piles of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings really get away from me. I’ve made my own custom wall-mounted jewelry organizer, but my rings were still stashed in a box in one jumbled mess. 

I wasn’t wearing most of my rings because I couldn’t see them or find them, so I decided I really needed one of those fancy ring cases like you’d see at a jewelry store or craft fair where they’re all laid out one by one. I get on these obsessive binges where I convince myself I NEED something and that it’s totally worth $25 and will make my life SO MUCH BETTER. 

Then I usually snap back into reality and have an A-HA! moment where I see that, once again, DIY is the answer! This one was so easy, cheap and practical that I thought I just had to share! 

What You Need
Lid from a Shoe Box 
Foam Curlers (enough to fill the box lid - mine were $1 per 10 pack at the dollar store) 
Hot Glue Gun 
Decorative Paper 
Decorative Trim (optional) 
Total Cost: Less Than $5.00

How To Make It
1. Trace each side of your shoe box lid on the back of your decorative paper. Cut each piece out and hot glue them to the sides of the box.

2. Remove all of the plastic parts from your curlers (set aside for some kind of amazing project and if you think of one let me know – I have 40 of them!). Apply glue to one end of a curler and press the end of another curler against it. Hold until set. 

3. Continue to make chains of curlers wide enough to fit snugly inside your box lid. Remember, you can cut these curlers easily if needed. Make enough chains to fill the height too. 
4. Glue the end of one curler chain to the inside of the box lid. Lay a line of glue across the lid where the chain will be and press the chain into it. Glue the other end of the chain to the other side of the inner lid. Continue until the lid is full. 

5. I chose to add a vintage lace trim to mine to cover the edges. To do so, just cut strips to the right length and glue at the corners and along the sides. 

Then, fill with rings for a beautiful and functional piece of art/organizational system! I knew this would help me keep my rings neatly arranged but I wasn’t expecting the instant decorative effect it also provided. Plus I saw rings I totally forgot about, like my belt ring from an 8th grade fair, my googly-eyed ring from an arcade and my giant pink bow ring. This system is really working out! 

Do you have any awesome, can’t-live-without rings in your collection? 

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