December 26, 2013

STYLE: Style Icon - Annie from Community

If you've ever seen the show Community, you're probably familiar with the character of Annie Edison, and if you haven't seen it, well, YOU'RE 4 SEASONS BEHIND! Also, the fifth is coming soon so you might want to get on that. Annie is a typical overachiever and perfectionist, a little uptight and on a constant quest for straight A's, but she also has a slightly sordid past (Adderall addiction, rehab, the usual) and a kind-of-insane streak, which is a nice balance.

I could get into all the things I enjoy about this show and its characters (I've been known to chatter aimlessly on such topics), but what I really want to discuss is Annie's wardrobe. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the floaty cardigans and leather jackets of the other female leads, but Annie's near uniform of floral dresses and bright cardigans just speaks to my fashion soul.
It does kind of seem like a uniform, right?
She never shies away from a bold print and loves feminine details and retro silhouettes. A lot of her dresses and blouses have a 40s feel and she sure does love a tie-neck top. I also don't think I've ever seen her wear pants, which I admire as a dress and skirt devotee.

This girl has seemingly replaced her pill addiction with a cardigan addiction, which I think is probably healthier and also warmer, so win-win.
Want to replicate Annie's cardigan game? These ones will have you two getting confused for each other at CA meetings. Yes, that is Cardigans Anonymous. I'll see myself out.
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five  //  Six  //  Seven

Annie's no slouch in the dress department either, as witnessed in many scenes:
I think she would love these dresses, too - perhaps as much as she loves a perfectly pinned back hair-do:
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five  //  Six  //  Seven

She's the kind of gal who not only still wears blouses, she calls them blouses, too.
Here are some cool blouses that would live up to Annie's rigorous standards:
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five

And, just for funsies, here are a couple of her outfits recreated for your shopping pleasure:
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five

What is your fashion 'uniform'? Do you have a cardigan addiction like Annie and me? Are you watching Community yet or what?


December 19, 2013

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol. 3

It's time for another round of Cool Stuff on the Internet! Here's some fun stuff I found recently:

Just what it sounds like: Garfield comic strips, where Garfield has been removed. This often leaves just a few panels of an introspective, lonely Jon Arbuckle, and it gets pretty dark without that witty kitty offering his two cents on naps and lasagna. I never really noticed what a sad sack Jon is. Can we get Nermal in here to lighten the mood?

If you watch Bob's Burgers, you've likely noticed the ever-changing menu board at the restaurant which features a special burger of the day, always - always - with a pun-derful name, such as the 'Don't You Four Cheddar 'Bout Me' (pictured above). Well, some genius has taken to creating all of these fictional foods in real life and documenting it all on his blog

Ever wonder what your favorite childhood cartoon characters would wear today? Okay, probably not, but now you don't ever need to have that thought because this list has just gone ahead and told you. Keeping you from thinking thoughts, is there any greater gift? All your faves are here (including Pepper Ann, who is so often overlooked) and some of these outfits are actually pretty great, regardless of cartoon inspiration.

Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster create piles of what seems like debris - trash, birds, cigarette packs, cans, scrap metal - and shine lights on them just so to create shadows that truly resemble people sitting, standing or talking. In that picture above, would you ever believe that pile of trash could create that very recognizable human shadow behind it?

Yes, these are all tampons. I generally wouldn't waste a tampon on unnecessary matters because how much would you regret it if you had a tampon emergency and you realized that you just hot glued your last one in a DIY menorah? Very much, I think. Tampon Crafts is fun for a peruse and there are several holiday related ideas, which is very timely. You have to admit - those Christmas "lights" are genius, right? Something here could be a great Yankee Swap gag gift for the right crowd, unless you don't hang out with people who would think a tampon toupee is hilarious, in which case you have my sincerest condolences.

This dog is just adorable. I guess some might describe her missing eye and always-hanging-out tongue in other ways ("disfigured" and "gross" come to mind), but I love a good messed up mutt. Her remaining eye is so big and beautiful it totally makes up for the missing one, right? She likes to wear elf outfits and fancy collars (the human shirt kind, not dog collars) and we get to look at that for FREE. What a world!

Everyone has seen something and wondered how it ever got made - this site is full of those things. Ever wanted a $70 wi-fi egg tray that updates your phone when your eggs are about to go bad? How about the iPhone panties pictured above, which serve no purpose whatsoever, except creeping me out indefinitely (look how they're just pushed to the side for charging...ewww). I can't forget the hard candy that makes your body exude a perfumed scent when you eat it. Because putting on perfume is so hard. Don't worry - they're sugar free, which is great because I know when I'm eating weird Bulgarian chemical perfume candies, the sugar content is of utmost concern.

What cool stuff have you seen lately? Link it in the comments!


December 13, 2013

ETC: My Christmas Wish List

I like to fantasy shop more than I like to actually shop. Well, maybe "more" is too strong of a word. I do enjoy a real life stroll through my neighborhood mall quite a bit, but the feeling of online window shopping also has a special place in my heart (right next to inventive condiments and paying for things in exact change). It's much more freeing to fantasize about what I could buy instead of actually buying it because once I do the thrill is gone, and so is my money. In a perfect Christmas movie world, here are the delightful wonders I'd love to unwrap this year, or anytime really, in case you're reading this in the future and just simply have to shower me with gifts or something.

My Christmas Wish List
1. Scrunchy Knee Socks: I refuse to have cold knees! Plus, scrunchy top looks perfect with boots.
2. Books {We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy by Yael Kohen, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home by Jeni Britton Bauer}: I'm trying not to buy books since I have so many to read, but these ones keep catching my eye. I can't believe I haven't read the latest Sedaris book yet! Ridiculous.
3. Charley Harper Glass Set: Love Charley Harper's art, need to drink things. No brainer.
4. Phrenology Head Container: I've always wanted a vintage phrenology head, but this one holds candy!
5. Ouija Board T-Shirt: Ever since Erin rocked one of these, I've been obsessed!
6. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: Only hear great things about this brush so now I'm curious.
7. Mint Green Purse with Gold Studs: Beautiful and I can stuff all my junk inside it. (pervert)
8. Cath Kidston Button Set: I love the aesthetic of this brand!
9. Striped Bow Headband: Always need headbands and headscarves. Stripes + bows make it better.
10. DVDs {30 Rock, Breaking Bad and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia}: I have an obsessive need for completion when it comes to owning TV shows on DVD. For the record I still need seasons 3 and above of 30 Rock and Breaking Bad, and Always Sunny season 8.
11. Zebra Print ScarfThere are tiny zebras all over this scarf. No further explanation needed.
12. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl: I REALLY want to try these pencils and Alle on xoVain raves about this shade constantly.
13. Salted Caramel Yankee Candle: I need better quality candles and this scent sounds wonderful.
14. Twin Peaks 'Diane' Broach: Genius. I love the look and cleverness of this pin.
15. Kitschy Deer Hair Comb: Adorable and pretty weird, which is my mantra.
16. OCC Lip Tar in Stalker: Kind of obsessed with red lips, but whatevahhh.
17. Grilled Cheese Fabric: Just think of the magical things that could be sewn from this fabric. Grilled cheese pantsuit coming through!
18. Benefit They're Real! Mascara: Amazing. Ruined me for all other mascaras, but so spendy.
19. Charlie Kelly Spaghetti Watercolor Portrait: It's hard to read, but the caption says "What is your spaghetti policy here?" and he's eating spaghetti out of a Ziplock bag. Art is important.

And now that I feel sufficiently like a spoiled brat/consummate consumer, I must ask: what's on your wish list? What awesome stuff are you gifting to other people?


December 8, 2013

DIY: Homemade Gift Ideas

Don't say it. I don't even want to hear it. Please don't utter that tired old phrase "but I'm not crafty enough for that!" because I don't believe you! Okay, some of you just straight up DO NOT CARE about DIY and homemade stuff any time of the year, let alone to give as gifts, which - while I cannot relate or even understand - I will let fly because it's not everyone's bag. For those of you (and you know who you are) who like the idea of making gifts, but have either never given it a try or abandoned your halfway-done projects a week before Christmas in favor of some anonymous gift basket because you're tired/frustrated/intimidated by the idea of DIY, then this guide is for you.

There are ideas here intended for all levels of craft skills, ranging from "Wait, they make hot glue?" to "Hmmm, maybe I'll whip up a batch of crocheted stuffies while my resin charms are setting," so you can certainly find something that would make a great gift for someone on your list AND seems manageable with your skills. I mean, there is more than one idea here that requires only tape and paint. You can do this!


There are also a bunch of DIY posts on Neon Rattail that would make great gifts (some of them were!). Here are a few that are user-friendly to make and very fun to own, which I can attest to personally, duh.

So there it is - a crazy amount of DIY gift ideas. Now you have NO excuse to not make some amazing homemade gifts this year, unless perhaps you've recently gone through a scissors-related trauma that you're trying to forget. For the rest of you, try a little hand-crafted goodness this year, okay?

Do you like making your own gifts? Or do you roll your eyes when someone gives you a gift they didn't buy at a store? Or maybe you just push gift planning so close to the last minute that you have no time for any of this?


December 3, 2013

STYLE: OOTD Flowers Galore

Little known fact: sometimes your floral motifs get lonely and you need to give them company. Okay, I actually didn't notice that I was wearing florals on top AND bottom until I made this post, but that rationale seems accurate, right?
Lipstick is Fire & Ice by Revlon

I made this skirt last year from a very simple pattern and this glorious floral fabric that I got from Joann Fabrics. Here's a closeup of its vintage-inspired goodness, wrinkles and all:

Here's a closeup of the cardigan's floral gems. I'm...let's call it "thrifty" with most purchases, but I still remember that I spent $29 for this cardigan on clearance, which is probably NBD to most people, but I like to see how little I can pay for all of my clothes, so this was a MAJOR splurge to me. This one was special!

Here is a clear shot of the Indiana Jones Cat portrait that lives above our couch. He peeks into a lot of my pictures, but I've never introduced him. He found me at a vaguely sketchy thrift store and I just knew. I have yet to regret making him the center of my living room decor. The other is a painting of Mike Lowell done by my dear pal Brian.
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Adrienne Vittadini via T.J. Maxx
Tank Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Handmade by me
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Rampage via Marshall's
Bracelet: Vintage

Do you ever go overboard with a pattern? Are you into making your own clothes? Would you not LOVE to have your own Indiana Jones Cat portrait? I think I've actually seen this print available online before for those who just must have him, too. He's worth the search.


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