October 29, 2017

Scary Movie Night Suggestions Pt. 2

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Michelle awakes in an underground bunker with no recollection of how she got there. Howard, a stranger with ambiguous intent, tells her there's been a chemical attack on the earth and that the air above ground is unbreathable. He says he found her at the scene of a terrible car accident and took her underground so that she had a chance to survive. This man is either her captive or her savior, but with no access to the outside world and the chance that she might die if she attempts to enter it, Michelle has to decide her next move - and how to make it under Howard’s watchful eye.

Creep (2015)

This documentary-style horror film takes the point of view of the man behind the camera, Aaron, who has answered an online ad to help a dying man, Josef, film a day in his life for his unborn child, whom he will not be alive to meet. What at first seems like a sweet, sad project soon turns surreal as the requests for the day’s shooting become stranger and stranger. Joseph’s behavior is increasingly erratic, but is always explained away just enough to keep Aaron around. When he finally decides he’s had enough, he finds out that it may be too late.

Funny Games (2007)

Much like The Strangers, this film (an American remake) creates a lot of its tension from the knot-in-your-stomach feeling we get when things seem normal, but somehow you know they’re just not quite right. Ann, along with her husband and young son, is visiting her upscale vacation house when a pair of seemingly dapper young men arrive to borrow some pantry items. The feeling of unease builds as their behavior turns from perfectly polite to unpredictable. By the time she knows what her gut is telling her, it’s far too late and there’s a price to pay.

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

A grieving father, Dr. Genessier, uses his medical prowess and absent moral compass in an attempt to right a wrong for which he feels responsible. His disfigured daughter, thought dead by the outside world, is left wearing a face obscuring mask that on its own is creepy enough to be worth the price of admission. How far her father will go to get her a new face may shock and disgust you, but it’ll keep your eyes (with a face, hopefully) fixed on the screen.

The Visit (2015)

Two young siblings take a journey to meet their maternal grandparents for the very first time. Because of a strained relationship between these grandparents and their mother, the children know very little of them or their rural farm life. All seems pleasant when Nana and Pop Pop welcome them in, but when odd behaviors and confusing interactions start to stack up, they question the safety of staying in this home. When the kids learn a spine-chilling secret, they know their only option will be to fight their way out. I have to say: the personality of the brother in this film is nearly unbearable (child white rapper!!!) but ultimately the thrills outweigh the secondhand embarrassment.

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