October 25, 2017

DIY Costume Idea: Elaine Benes from Seinfeld

Don't you just love a simple costume? Even better when it involves a badass character from a classic TV show, am I right? Any of the Seinfeld crew would make great, easily-identifiable Halloween costumes (perfect group or couple costume idea!), but today we're talking about Elaine.

With her classic curly hair in a half-up poof, floral midi-dresses or menswear-inspired suits, and a slew of accessory choices, Elaine makes for a fun costume. This is a good thrifting costume because your best bet for her style is definitely waiting on the racks of your local thrift store.

Here's how I'd make a DIY Elaine Benes costume: 

Dress  •  Shoes  •  Socks  •  Barrette  •  Curlers  •  Backpack

Duh, I had to include the Jujyfruits in there! You can too, for a classic Elaine touch. You could also add glasses, The Sponge, or an Urban Sombrero to really punch it up!

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