October 26, 2017

DIY Costume Idea: Mr. Clean

For me, this costume falls into the category of characters I've seen a million times, but never quite realized how iconic and costume-worthy they are...until now (much like the Slush Puppie costume). 

Mr. Clean is as ubiquitous as can be, and in some form or another this spokesman has been on my TV since I could lay my eyes on it. His look is so simple - all white everything, bald head and one gold earring. You could probably do this with stuff already in your wardrobe!

Here's how I would make a DIY Mr. Clean costume:

The Inspiration...although I'm NOT okay with the vibe they're going for here.

Jeans  •  Shirt  •  Bald Cap  • Shoes
Earrings  •  Belt  •  Fake Eyebrows

Bonus points for carrying actual Mr. Clean products with your costume to really sell it. Also, if you don't have a bald cap (p.s. what on earth is that product photo for the bald cap?!) you could easily turn this into an Andrew W.K. costume, since it's basically his iconic look, as well!

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