July 27, 2014

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol. 5

It's time for another round of Cool Stuff on the Internet! Here's some fun stuff I found recently:

You may be familiar with the internet sensation of "Women Laughing Alone with Salad," (a stock photo rockstar, if such a title existed), but these photos somehow make even less sense. The above picture, for instance, seems to lack any discernible meaning or message - is it a play on 'sweet dreams' or something? Although he is definitely not dreaming, as evidenced by his haunting stare. If you're into seeing things like crash test dummies in a loving embrace, a child earnestly sniffing a cactus or two adult men sharing a single white turtleneck sweater then, please, take a gander.

Pictured above is the magnified contents of a random drop of sea water - yes, the same water you frolic in, and which occasionally ends up in your mouth. I know there are obviously sea creatures in the sea. I just don't like it when science is all "just in case you were trying to forget that you're dunking your whole body in a fish's toilet, here is some gross stuff you probably swallowed along the way. LOL!" I don't like the idea that something is so small I can't see it, yet also somehow has, like, 10 legs. Also, what are those curly little things?! Glad you asked - here's a breakdown of each new friend.

Let's take a moment to recover with what is, undoubtedly, one of the cutest things to happen on the internet. From the people who brought you "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos" comes a tiny birthday party full of tiny presents and a tiny birthday cake for a tiny hedgehog. There's just no room for complaining here...this is about as good as it gets. Also, don't miss the cameo from the aforementioned tiny hamsters!

In case you're ever down on yourself for not having a hobby, or maybe having an embarrassing one, please keep in mind that some dude out there is actually dedicating his time, energy and van space (of course he drives a van) to collecting every single VHS copy of the movie Speed ever made (although he also has some laser discs for bartering). He's also wearing two pairs of sunglasses in the article photo so...you know. Part of me likes this and part of me wishes I had a copy just so I could keep it from him.

I'm sure some (most?) of you are like, "uh, cool...a cracker in the bottom of a cup," but when I see this picture I feel a deep calmness in my very being (and I also kinda want a Ritz). Much like "Things Organized Neatly" this tumblr gives me the satisfaction of seeing order and harmony through the lens of everyday objects. Why does it feel so satisfying to see a bottle cap fit snugly into a sink drain? I don't knooooow, but it feels so right.

In this vintage clip, top fashion designers predict what kind of crazy fashion hijinks we'd have gotten up to by the year 2000. Much like most future predictions (e.g. flying cars, robot maids, the value of Beanie Babies) these are pretty off, but entertaining nonetheless. Apparently, we should be covered in sheer mesh by now so that we can, presumes the video's narrator, "catch the males." Also, one of them thought we would wear lightbulbs in our hair. Seems dangerous. 

What cool stuff have you found lately? Leave me some links!


July 21, 2014

DIY: Custom Face Mask

Face masks are kind of awesome, right? They can give you smoother, clearer, more even skin and all you have to do is slap some goop on your mug and kick back for a cool thirty minutes or so. That's awesome. Very few things in life have such a favorable effort to results ratio, and for that reason alone, I feel it's necessary to dedicate a little time (and the internet version of ink) to this unsung hero of skincare.

I've tried my share of face masks over the years - from the thick, green ones popularized by every movie portrayal of an old woman ever seen to the oh-so-satisfying peel off numbers, and every squeeze tube in between. One of my main girls is Queen Helene and her tingly Mint Julep Masque - so fancy it requires a 'que' ending (although, I don't know who she's trying to fool because it costs less than a fiver), but the 'Most Noticeable Results I've Ever Seen' award goes to Aztec Secrets Indian Healing Clay, hands down.
And the award goes to...
I love this stuff. Not only is it super powerful on its own - it even claims to be "the world's most powerful facial" - but it mixes quite nicely with your favorite add-ins, much like a delicious overpriced frozen yogurt. Did you realize you could customize your own face masks? You totally can. I love to pair this clay with organic apple cider vinegar that has "the mother" intact because it gives me better results and feels more 'active' than when I just use water. Because this stuff is so powerful, it can leave my face a little dry, but I counteract that completely by adding a dollop of honey to the mix. Soft skin ahoy! Finally, I like a little acne fighting help courtesy of tea tree oil.

There are a million ways to mix a custom face mask for your skin (e.g. aloe, vitamin E or jojoba oil for moisture, oatmeal or sea salt for exfoliation, green tea for antioxidant power) but this is how I do my thing - and how you can try it too:
+ Clay Mask {Aztec Secret. which you can get here}
+ Apple Cider Vinegar {raw is best}
+ Tea Tree Oil {cheap at Trader Joe's!}
+ Honey {raw and organic it good, but here I just have the regular stuff}
+ Plastic Mixing Utensil & Plastic Bowl/Cup

Measure out your clay. I use about 1 tablespoon and mix it with an equal part of apple cider vinegar.

Stir with a plastic spoon or other utensil (I'm using an Ikea chopstick). Metal makes it angry.

Add in a healthy plop of honey and a few drops of tea tree oil.

Mix it allllll together and slather on your face. This one is on the thinner side, so it might be easier to apply with a cheap foundation brush (like the $1 one from ELF), but I just used my fingers.

This mask has deeply enveloped my nose stud. Also, ewww.
Let it dry - it should take about 15 minutes but you can leave it on a little longer if you wish. You will look fantastic at this juncture, so this is a great time to schedule any upcoming blind dates and/or photo shoots.

I recommend doing this before you get in the shower because rinsing off a mask at the sink takes forever and annoys me. You can also use a face cloth, but then you get clay all over it and that annoys me too. Try to be less annoyed than me because, hey - you have awesome skin now! 

Have you ever customized a face mask before? Do you like feeling like a swamp thing-type creature for beauty? What would you add to your custom mask?


July 15, 2014

STYLE: Fun Beach Bags

Typically, all of my beach stuff (towel, sunscreen, book, snacks - always snacks) gets stuffed into whatever bag is closest to the door when I realize that I have way more stuff coming to the beach with me than I can carry in my hands. I do have one dedicated beach bag - complete with a bikini-clad kitten in a hammock and the caption "Cat-Nappin'!" - but it is sadly starting to show its age, and I'm keeping an eye out for a cute new beach buddy. Here are some of the cutest beach bags and totes I've seen lately:
One  //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five  //  Six  //  Seven  //  Eight  //  Nine

Can you even handle that banana print bag? What are you storing all your beach crap in these days?


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