April 23, 2014

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol. 4

It's time for another round of Cool Stuff on the Internet! Here's some fun stuff I found recently:

A talented illustrator has painted some beloved Muppets as if they were characters on Twin Peaks. For TP fans, you may find yourself oddly delighted by seeing Miss Piggy's dead body wrapped in plastic, and for those less familiar with the show, you may find yourselves oddly horrified by the beginning of this sentence. I'm partial to Gonzo as The Man From Another Place (above right), but they're all great. If you dig this, you might also like Twin Peaks Characters as Simpsons Characters.

Ok, this Burt Reynolds crab doll has nothing to do with this, but I found him when I Googled "weird." Enjoy!
If you love getting all up in people's business and hearing gross/creepy/weird stories, I think you'll enjoy this list as much as I did. From 'innocent but weird' (a family's communal bowl of finger-dipping ketchup) to 'there has to be something more to this' (a fake Thanksgiving feast displayed at the table year round) to 'uh, I'm pretty sure that's illegal' (a 6th grade boy bathing with his mother), you'll find all kinds of delightful disfunction that will make you feel pretty normal in comparison and also teach you why you should never stand on the crusty parts of the carpet.
All You Need is Pug Etsy Shop
This shop is full of adorable hand-knit and crocheted items (mostly) for dogs. I recognize the superfluous nature of leg warmers for dogs, but I dare you to deny how cute they look on the model pug. I DOUBLE DOG DARE you, in fact. Lose your pet clothes inhibitions and grab a full aviator setup (above), robot dog hat or beret for your pup. If I saw a dog walking down the street in a beret I might never recover.

According to this Buzzfeed article, the set from the semi-beloved early 90's Nickelodeon show Hey Dude is currently rotting away in the Arizona desert, more than 20 years after the show began. It's a little eery to see familiar sights ravaged by the hands of time (see side-by-side above), but it also makes me wonder what other shows have just up and left their sets behind. That seems weird, right? After all the time and money that goes into production to just be like, "Ehhh. Leave it." Well, they did warn us that it'd be a little wild and a little strange. Also, are killer cacti a thing?

File this one under genius ideas that are so pretty and cool that I can't believe the whole world isn't wearing them. Okay, that might be a very specific file, but the sentiment remains the same. Slow Factory prints real images of space from NASA's open data collection of satellite images on gorgeous silk creations, like scarves, dresses and shirts. Pro tip: they'd also come in handy for a future Zenon costume.

Yeah, yeah - another animal feature in one post. If you have an issue with too many animals on the internet then you have an uphill battle in front of you, which will be difficult WITH NO HEART. There's no purer fun than inter-species cuddling and carrying on, and this storybook-style animal sanctuary delivers nothing but the best. Owner Janice Wolf (of course she has an animal name!) set up the refuge over 20 years ago for animals who need medical care or new homes, and up to 60 animals - including a zebra named barcode (brilliant!) - are currently there living out the internet's wildest fantasy.

I love weird discovery stories like this! A guy buys a box full of undeveloped negatives at an auction, develops them, discovers they contain some of the best street photography of the 20th century and essentially causes the photographer, Vivian Maier, to become an art world darling more than 50 years later (and just a few after her death). Her take on everyday life in 50s and 60s New York City is cool, beautiful and inspiring. There's also a piece on Vivian in the current issue of Bust Magazine if you're interested! 

What cool stuff have you seen lately? Link it in the comments!


April 15, 2014

STYLE: Statement Necklaces

It's always kind of funny to me when I hear that statement necklaces are "in style" because they've never been out of style for me. Ever since I can remember, I've gravitated toward oversized (read: obnoxiously large, garish chest decorations) necklaces because, let's be real, huge necklaces are AWESOME. Add awesome points to that if the necklace also contains blindingly bright gemstones or several tiers of beading. Yeah, I'll take alllll o' that, please. I have a nice stable of go-to giant necklaces, but I always like to fantasize about who I might add to that collection. You can generally find inexpensive statement necklaces at places like Target, H&M, Forever 21 or Claire's, but remember to look in unexpected places too; some of my most compliment-attracting necklaces came from random clearance piles at Sears, Yes, that Sears. They're out there making statements so start listening! 
One //  Two  //  Three  //  Four  //  Five
Six //  Seven  //  Eight  //  Nine  //  Ten
Eleven //  Twelve  //  Thirteen  //  Fourteen  //  Fifteen

Are you into statement necklaces or are you more of a charm-on-a-chain kinda girl? Or maybe you love giant earrings? I just wanna know what you're wearing!


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