October 19, 2017

Creepy & Fun Food Ideas for Halloween

It's no secret - I love a theme. Around Halloween I can't help but look for fun food, decor and costume inspiration. It's my Christmas. Normally, overly fussy foods bore me, but make them creepy and I'll sit cutting eyeballs out of olives for hours. A few years back I made this Halloween spread, featuring mini mummy calzones, eyeball pizzas, graveyard layer dip with tortilla headstones and witch finger cookies:

Like I said, I love a theme. 😎  I've been poking around pinterest and google to find more new ideas for Halloween treats, and now I've got more options than I know what to do with! Here are my top 20 Halloween food inspirations:

Are you making any fun Halloween treats this year?

1 comment:

  1. I am really very impressed to have these gorgeous Halloween food ideas. These are so creepy and fun. I also hosted a post Halloween bash at some local event venues Chicago and it turned out to be a blasting bash. I used some pinterest ideas for food and everyone loved these.


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