October 17, 2011

DIY: Sandwich Costume

When I said that my DIY Cupcake Costume was only for hardcore Halloween-ers, I may have spoken too soon. This DIY Sandwich Costume takes the cake (!) in that department since it can be a little difficult to wear at a crowded party, but the attention and friendly “bites” make up for the fact that you might be having a conversation with your friends from several feet away. You can always scale this bad boy down a bit, and in fact I’d recommend it. This is one of the few costumes I’ve made that can stand the test of time (and storage) so even though it takes some time to construct, you might be able to dress one of your little finger sandwiches in it one day!

What You Need

• 2-3 foam boards (depending on the size of your costume)
• Light brown 
• Dark brown felt
• Light green felt
• Dark green felt
• Red felt
• Yellow felt
• White felt
• 1 yd. material for straps & side ties
• ¼” wide elastic
• 6” of a wooden dowel
• 1” wide shiny ribbon
• Hot glue gun
• Knife or scissors
• Oatmeal (optional)

How to Make It

1. For the bread: Cut a “bread-shaped” piece from each foam board (or from each half of a foam board, depending on the size you want your costume). Hot glue the light brown felt to one side of each slice, making sure to wrap the felt over the edges and glue it onto the back of the slice for a nice finished edge (use this technique on all pieces).

2. For the crust: Cut even strips of the foam board (about 2.5” wide) until you have enough length to cover the outer edge of each slice of bread. Cover each of those strips in the dark brown felt. Hot glue these strips around the edge of each slice, curving the strips as you go where needed. OPTIONAL: I didn’t do this, but later wished I did – glue pieces of oatmeal to the top of the crust for added realism (and cuteness!)

3. For the fillings: Cut various veggie, cheese and other shapes out of the foam board (I did lettuce, tomato and cheese-my fave) and cover each with the appropriate colored felt. I layered some light and dark colors for added emphasis and included smaller details like tomato seeds and Swiss cheese holes, but a general shape works too. Hot glue the fillings to the front slice of bread (you’ll be gluing to the edge of the crust) in a pattern that you like.

4. For the straps: Hot glue even lengths of the strap material to the inside of each slice so that the finished product rests over your shoulders like a sandwich board (hey-o!). I also added straps/ties on the sides to avoid the slices flapping around.

5. For the pickle hat: Cut 2 pickle slice-shaped pieces from the foam board and cover them in the light green felt. Cut a hole in the middle of one pickle slice (this will be the top) large enough to fit the dowel inside. Cut a strip of the foam board long enough to wrap around the outer edge of the pickle shape. Cover this strip in dark green felt and hot glue it around the outer edge of both pickles shapes at the same time. Cut seed-shaped pieces of white felt and glue them to the top pickle shape. Stick the dowel into the hole you cut earlier and hot glue around the edges of the hole to secure. Glue strips of the ribbon around the top of the dowel to look like those fancy restaurant toothpicks. Glue elastic to the underside of the pickle hat so that it will stay on your head.

That’s it – you look delish!

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