April 3, 2013


Soooo, I went a little crazy on ELF lip products when they recently offered a $1.99 shipping sale. Since not everything in their product line is available in stores (or at least my stores) I'd been eyeing a few things on their website, but needed an extra push (like cheap shipping!) to make me pull the ordering trigger.

I love the quality of pretty much all of their products and with their low prices and cruelty-free practices, this is one brand that I never feel guilty about stocking up on. All of this stuff was about $17 with shipping! Kind of unreal.

Retractable Lip Brush
This is a handy tool with sturdy bristles that fits well on my lips and stores easily when capped. Love it!

Lip Lock Pencil
This works like a reverse lip liner in a sense; you apply it just outside the lip line (on skin) to lock in lip color and keep it from bleeding or feathering. It's great to use when you don't have a matching lip liner, too.

Essential Lipsticks
This basic lipstick line is a great value and the formula is really moisture-rich. The colors pop and glide on easily, but these do need to be reapplied periodically, as they don't have a super long wear time.

L to R: Captivating / Flirtatious / Sociable

Essentials Lipstick in Captivating

Essentials Lipstick in Flirtatious

Essentials Lipstick in Sociable

Matte Lip Color in Rich Red
This is a twist up crayon with a sharpener hidden in the tail end. It's really easy to apply, both because of the soft, creamy formula and because of the slightly pointed tip. I outlined my lips and then filled it in for a full matte red lip.

Lip Stain in Crimson Crush 
This stain looks and feels like a marker so it's easy to apply, but can also be a little messy. I liked the shade of red this gave my lips, but I wouldn't consider this a real stain because it came off a little at a time over the course of the day while eating, drinking, etc. I would definitely recommend exfoliating your lips before trying this out because the product settled more in some dry spots on my lips and left a bit of a ring around my lip line when it started to fade. Store this product tip down for easier use and a longer life.

Moisturizing Lip Liner in Natural Blush & Bitter
These are basic lip liners that get the job done and they each came with their own little sharpener. I opted for a dark merlot shade (Bitter) to use with my similar shades of lipstick and a light pink shade (Natural Blush) which matches the shade of my natural lip color, since I can use that with any lipstick. Smooth color and easy application makes these a great addition to any makeup bag.

I'm happy with my order overall, and I'm looking forward to trying out many, many new lip looks in the near future. I love when you don't have to spend a lot but you get a lot in return!



  1. ohhh i love clear lip liner! i'm going to have to snatch one of those soon because my go-to (pixi lip and line) doesn't make the colorless one anymore.

    1. Yeah, I'm really loving it too - and definitely worth it for $3!

  2. i love elf make-up brushes (black handle, not white) its the cheapest brushes that don't shed!!! <3


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