February 9, 2013

BEAUTY: Wet n Wild Fergie Collection

I don't generally consider myself a Fergie fan (does anyone?) but I can't deny that the lady has a pretty decent makeup collection from Wet n Wild. I also found myself checking out some of her shoes at DSW by accident recently and am currently having a bit of an identity crisis. I was just drawn to them! What is this saying about me and my taste? To avoid this question, let's check out some of her new makeup line:

Eyeshadow Palette in Desert Festival
The packaging is pretty nice all around, no?

You can really see the shades here because my inner arm skin is actually lighter in color than a sheet of paper. The pigmentation is nice! Can't wait to use this one in summer when I have a "tan." (pictured: center color followed by the top left shade and then the rest, counter-clockwise)  

Creme Lipstick in D-Vinely Chilled ($3 - ish)
Nice silver case..fancy, huh?!


I feel like this stuff is glowing! This lipstick has some silvery, shimmery undertones which add a little sumpin' sumpin' more than your average merlot-esque shade. You can see the shimmery-ness here:

I'm still NOT calling myself a Fergie fan, but I will gladly shell out a few bucks to pick up more of this line next time I'm in Walgreens. I continue to be seriously impressed with the quality of (most) Wet n Wild stuff time and time again! Has anyone else tried this stuff? Any other recommendations from this line?


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