April 17, 2013

DIY: Wooden Rainbow Bead Necklace

I think it might be kind of obvious that I love color, so this simple three-strand rainbow necklace is right up my alley. I picked up these simple dyed wooden beads in the dollar section at Staples, of all places, and I couldn't wait to make use of them in a statement necklace. You should try one too!

Wooden Beads  //  Two 9" Lengths of Chain 
Elastic Cord (I used Stretch Magic)  //  Needle  //  4 Jump Rings  //  Clasp

1. Thread the needle with the elastic cord and string your first strand of beads (I used about 22 beads per strand).
2. Tie off both ends of the strand with several strong knots. Repeat for two more strands.
3. Tightly knot all strands together on each end.
4. Tie a jump ring to each end's knot and trim cord excess.

5. Attach a length of chain to each jump ring. Put another jump ring on the end of each chain and attach the clasp.

It's got every color of the rainbow so it goes with everything! 

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