April 28, 2013

ETC: Hand Clap Playlist

Is there anything more fun and lively than a solid handclap breakdown? I just checked; there isn't. When used correctly, hand claps can be so pleasing to the ear. I've been keeping both a mental and literal running list of great songs that feature clapping in some form (either genuine or through a synthetic effect) and now I've curated it into a playlist for your listening pleasure!

Some tracks have just sporadic hand clapping for emphasis, others have energetic hand clap breakdowns, while others use the art of hand clapping (yes, art!) as an enthusiastic backbeat. No matter how they're used, hand claps just make me happy. Other musical ways to make me smile include snapping and whistle solos. I just love a rhythmic little nod to body percussion! This is all kind of making me want to play the spoons too. It's been far, far too long.

You are now officially not allowed to frown for the next 19 track lengths.

p.s. Enjoy the creepy "hand clapping" image I doctored (original found here).



  1. ODB and Kelis, fantastic! I've not heard that in a hot minute! Thanks, I didn't frown for the whole thing!

  2. fact: i love handclaps in songs. handclap breakdowns are even better! xx

  3. This is like my new favorite playlist/post! From the creepy picture of Cabbage Patch Kids to the songs themselves. It's just so perfect!

    1. Yay! This makes me happy! I'm glad someone else relates to my love of these songs and creepy dolls.


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