March 29, 2013

DIY: Pom-Pom Necklace

When I found these HUGE pom-poms in the kids craft section at Michael's my jaw nearly dropped. They are so unique and unexpected - they really got the crafty side of my brain churning. They come in long strings (all pom-poms are attached) and I saw bright blue and bright pink ones in stores. I also think these would look great sewn together in rows to make a fun pom-pom scarf. Maybe next time...

What You Need
Extra Large String of Pom-Poms (I found this at Michael's)  /  2 Equal Lengths of Chain
Scissors  /  Needle & Thread  /  4 Small Jump Rings  /  2 Large Jump Rings  /  Clasp

How To Do It
1. Cut the length of pom-poms that you want for your necklace from the full string.
 2. Sew a large jump ring into one of the end pom-poms, making sure the stitches are secure. It helps to sew through the middle "meat" of the pom-pom.

 3. Repeat at the other end of the pom-pom string.
4. Attach a small jump ring to each large jump ring.
 5. Attach equal lengths of chain to each small jump ring.
 7. End the chain in another small jump ring and attach the clasp to finish.

To simplify, you could also skip all of the chain business and just tie a pretty ribbon to the large jump rings to finish the necklace. This is probably not an everyday kind of accessory, but it really adds something when nothing else will do (or when you want to look vaguely like a muppet).


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