October 1, 2013

DIY: Galaxy Ring

I am endlessly fascinated by pictures of outer space, which is kind of awesome for me since galaxy print everything is so popular right now. I wanted to work a colorful galaxy image into a jewelry project and since I had some supplies and about 20 minutes to spare, I did just that.

I also have a pretty unwavering love for these giant glass beads that magnify whatever is under them. I guess, technically, other people seem to be calling them "cabochons" which is a general term for smooth gems such as these. That word seems WAY too fancy (not to mention pretentious) for something so simple, but in the interest of journalism I'll refer to them below as cabochons, instead of what I normally call them, which, in case you're curious, is "glass bead thingies." It just seems like "cabochons" might make for clearer instructions.

> Printed Galaxy Image
> Scissors
> Clear Glass Cabochon with Magnifying Effect (I got mine here)
> Ring Base
> Clear Glue (I recommend E-6000)
> Safety Pin

First, find yourself a nice galaxy image via Google. You can just print it as is, or you can get a bit more involved. I played with the colors in Photoshop and used the cookie cutter tool to create a round shape in the area of the print that I liked best. I also made it about the same size as my glass cabochon. 

Print and cut out the galaxy image.

Place a small amount of E-6000 glue on the back (flat) side of the glass cabochon. 

Spread the glue in a thin layer with the opened arm of your safety pin. Awww, your safety pin is greeting you with open arms! How very Journey of him/her.

Gently but firmly press the cabochon down on the galaxy image, with the glued side laid over the image.

If you get any air bubbles (FYI, you probably will - enjoy!) just smooth them out by massaging the paper backing until they pop or squeeze out the side.
You can see a few little air bubbles here, but they kind of work in this image, right?

If your image if hanging over the edge of the cabochon (how many times can we use this word today?) use your scissors to carefully trim the excess paper.

To finish, just glue your ring base to the back of your cabochon. I opted to add a small piece of green foam to the back of the galaxy image to protect the paper from wear and tear. You could also seal it with Mod Podge or use a metal base for your cabochon.

Once this whole business dries and sets, you've got a super easy and super cheap new DIY galaxy ring. Hey, good for you!

Then you can just wear it and be all "What? This old thing? Just a huge outer space ring that I MADE MYSELF." People love false modesty, I'm pretty sure.
You should also work on mastering a VERY natural pose to show it off, such as this one.

Are you into galaxy print? I know it's been done on pretty much everything already, but I never see galaxy rings so maybe it can still be cool? Please? I'm just always going to like outer space prints and I refuse to apologize! Also, if you want to do more fun things with glass cabochons you can try nail polish jewelry.

I have big plans for the rest of my cabochons (had to use it one more time), including tiny weirdo collages and enough glitter to be considered indecent. No one can stop me, suckers!



  1. Um, false modesty is the best and I hope you share your upcoming project because it sounds super awesome. Also, this DIY is great. (PS: Cabochons.)

    1. Haha! I will totally share my upcoming project(s) once I get around to them. Cabochons! xo

  2. Oh wow, what a great DIY! I'm seriously going to do this this weekend! Great post! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. Cool! It was super fast and easy with a satisfying result - the BEST kind of project! xo

  3. I love to see a sense of humor displayed in tutorials! ;) This is a really neat little project!

  4. This is so awesome! Seriously, what a great idea and the final result is great!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

    1. Thanks! I was super happy with how it turned out. xo

  5. This is a really great tutorial! I really want to try it sometime.


    Where the Water Meets the Sky

  6. It looks fab and I am so tempted to have a go PS Cabochons!!!!!

  7. You could do this with anything! I'm totally feeling some comic book rings. P.s. you're so pretty!

    xo Ashley

    1. I know, right? This inspires so many ideas! Comic book rings would be amazing. And thanks! xo

  8. Super cool!! Love it!


  9. the universe is soooo beautiful, what a great idea to use a real picture of our universe/galaxy to put in a ring. and it looks surprising easy to make!

  10. wow, what a great tutorial! love it :D always wanted to get 'galaxy jewllery' but couldn't find any... thanks! x

    Anna of serendipityhappening.blogspot.com

    1. Me neither, which is why I made this! I totally recommend it. xo

  11. What a great DIY! The result is so lovely, it turned to be a wonderful statement piece. :)

  12. When you have the photo on PTS, how do you know if it is the right size of what you need?

    1. Hi! In Photoshop, you can set the canvas size of your document to the size you need the final image to be, in inches (or cm). So, if you want a one inch circle, set your canvas size to one inch wide by one inch in height and resize the image to fit/fill the canvas. xo


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