December 19, 2013

ROUNDUP: Cool Stuff on the Internet Vol. 3

It's time for another round of Cool Stuff on the Internet! Here's some fun stuff I found recently:

Just what it sounds like: Garfield comic strips, where Garfield has been removed. This often leaves just a few panels of an introspective, lonely Jon Arbuckle, and it gets pretty dark without that witty kitty offering his two cents on naps and lasagna. I never really noticed what a sad sack Jon is. Can we get Nermal in here to lighten the mood?

If you watch Bob's Burgers, you've likely noticed the ever-changing menu board at the restaurant which features a special burger of the day, always - always - with a pun-derful name, such as the 'Don't You Four Cheddar 'Bout Me' (pictured above). Well, some genius has taken to creating all of these fictional foods in real life and documenting it all on his blog

Ever wonder what your favorite childhood cartoon characters would wear today? Okay, probably not, but now you don't ever need to have that thought because this list has just gone ahead and told you. Keeping you from thinking thoughts, is there any greater gift? All your faves are here (including Pepper Ann, who is so often overlooked) and some of these outfits are actually pretty great, regardless of cartoon inspiration.

Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster create piles of what seems like debris - trash, birds, cigarette packs, cans, scrap metal - and shine lights on them just so to create shadows that truly resemble people sitting, standing or talking. In that picture above, would you ever believe that pile of trash could create that very recognizable human shadow behind it?

Yes, these are all tampons. I generally wouldn't waste a tampon on unnecessary matters because how much would you regret it if you had a tampon emergency and you realized that you just hot glued your last one in a DIY menorah? Very much, I think. Tampon Crafts is fun for a peruse and there are several holiday related ideas, which is very timely. You have to admit - those Christmas "lights" are genius, right? Something here could be a great Yankee Swap gag gift for the right crowd, unless you don't hang out with people who would think a tampon toupee is hilarious, in which case you have my sincerest condolences.

This dog is just adorable. I guess some might describe her missing eye and always-hanging-out tongue in other ways ("disfigured" and "gross" come to mind), but I love a good messed up mutt. Her remaining eye is so big and beautiful it totally makes up for the missing one, right? She likes to wear elf outfits and fancy collars (the human shirt kind, not dog collars) and we get to look at that for FREE. What a world!

Everyone has seen something and wondered how it ever got made - this site is full of those things. Ever wanted a $70 wi-fi egg tray that updates your phone when your eggs are about to go bad? How about the iPhone panties pictured above, which serve no purpose whatsoever, except creeping me out indefinitely (look how they're just pushed to the side for charging...ewww). I can't forget the hard candy that makes your body exude a perfumed scent when you eat it. Because putting on perfume is so hard. Don't worry - they're sugar free, which is great because I know when I'm eating weird Bulgarian chemical perfume candies, the sugar content is of utmost concern.

What cool stuff have you seen lately? Link it in the comments!



  1. Garfield Minus Garfield is the BEST. I thought I was going to pee myself laughing the first time I saw it. My god, that Jon character is alone.

    I'm not sure how I've lived without panties for my phone... are they available for Blackberry?

    1. It really is the best! So weird and sad and hilarious. Not sure if the phone panties are available for blackberry yet...I see a business venture in your future! xo

  2. Oh god Pepper Ann was amazing! I loved that show, along with Recess and Fillmore! I could probably pull off Dot from Animaniacs for next year's Halloween costume. The inclusion of Aeon Flux was a little racy. Miley Cyrus wears more clothes...just sayin'.

    1. I was SO into Pepper Ann. Like a hardcore PA fan. A Dot costume would be so good! xo

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