April 9, 2012

DIY: Ring Holder

I love jewelry. Like I really love jewelry. I’ve always been the type to have way too much of it even though I earnestly attempt to clear out some of my stash every year. Because I also make a lot of jewelry my piles of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings really get away from me. I’ve made my own custom wall-mounted jewelry organizer, but my rings were still stashed in a box in one jumbled mess. 

I wasn’t wearing most of my rings because I couldn’t see them or find them, so I decided I really needed one of those fancy ring cases like you’d see at a jewelry store or craft fair where they’re all laid out one by one. I get on these obsessive binges where I convince myself I NEED something and that it’s totally worth $25 and will make my life SO MUCH BETTER. 

Then I usually snap back into reality and have an A-HA! moment where I see that, once again, DIY is the answer! This one was so easy, cheap and practical that I thought I just had to share! 

What You Need
Lid from a Shoe Box 
Foam Curlers (enough to fill the box lid - mine were $1 per 10 pack at the dollar store) 
Hot Glue Gun 
Decorative Paper 
Decorative Trim (optional) 
Total Cost: Less Than $5.00

How To Make It
1. Trace each side of your shoe box lid on the back of your decorative paper. Cut each piece out and hot glue them to the sides of the box.

2. Remove all of the plastic parts from your curlers (set aside for some kind of amazing project and if you think of one let me know – I have 40 of them!). Apply glue to one end of a curler and press the end of another curler against it. Hold until set. 

3. Continue to make chains of curlers wide enough to fit snugly inside your box lid. Remember, you can cut these curlers easily if needed. Make enough chains to fill the height too. 
4. Glue the end of one curler chain to the inside of the box lid. Lay a line of glue across the lid where the chain will be and press the chain into it. Glue the other end of the chain to the other side of the inner lid. Continue until the lid is full. 

5. I chose to add a vintage lace trim to mine to cover the edges. To do so, just cut strips to the right length and glue at the corners and along the sides. 

Then, fill with rings for a beautiful and functional piece of art/organizational system! I knew this would help me keep my rings neatly arranged but I wasn’t expecting the instant decorative effect it also provided. Plus I saw rings I totally forgot about, like my belt ring from an 8th grade fair, my googly-eyed ring from an arcade and my giant pink bow ring. This system is really working out! 

Do you have any awesome, can’t-live-without rings in your collection? 



  1. This is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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  3. I love this! & I LOVE the rings! Did you make any of the others? I was inspired by your pic & decided to pick up little random things to make a few adorable rings ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! I love causing and finding craft inspiration! I did make quite a few of them (pea pod, blue bow, french bread, apple, cupcake, flowers, buttons and some others). Making rings it so addictive! xo

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