September 18, 2012

DIY: Painted Wood Bead Necklace

Sometimes I can't decide between my love for bright unnatural colors and my love for natural shades of wood, so I decided to make a necklace that appeals to both my artificial and natural sensibilities. Bonus points because it was super simple! See for yourself:

What You Need
> Wood beads in various sizes
> Acrylic paints in various colors
> Paintbrush
> Painter's Tape
> Metal chain (about 18")
> Jump rings (2)
> Clasp
> Jewelry tools
How To Make It
1. Tape off half of each wood bead with the painter's tape.
2. Paint the untaped half of each bead in whatever colors you choose. Mine took 2-3 coats.

3. Peel the tape off when the beads are dry.
4. String the beads on the metal chain.
5. Attach jump rings and clasp to finish the necklace.


The beads will shift around when you wear the necklace, but the random design and pops of color on traditional wood shades makes for such a fun surprise. 

This necklace can pretty much be worn with ANYTHING! How would you style it?



  1. I love this necklace! I hope to make it next week... Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  2. Simply adorable! I just love beaded necklace displayed above. It is really a nice idea of fabricating such necklace at home. Although I often wear Kilkenny Newbridge Silverware necklace, but after watching the above necklace I am planning to create a DIY beaded necklace. I will surely try to create it at my home.

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