February 27, 2018

Etsy Shop of the Month: Stalinski Super Store

Window Cleaner Enamel Pin

There's cute, and then there's cuuuuuuute. The bits and baubles from artist Eva Stalinski's Stalinski Super Store are definitely the latter. From smiling tote bags to sporty socks, everything in Stalinski's world is fun, original, and most importantly, adorable.

The aesthetic of her shop is whimsical with a major focus on food motifs, and I happen to be a sucker for food with a smiley face. Her use of bright colors and bold outlines gives her prints a sort of "grown up child" vibe (always a win with me) and her quality of work is impeccable. Check out those ice cream sculptures - they're so damn lifelike!

Cone Cuties Ice Cream Sculpture

Grey Naked Ladies Sweatshirt

Toilet Paper Roll Enamel Pin

Screen Printed Cow Baseball Tee

Food Sticker Pack

Toilet Cleaner Enamel Pin

Bad Carrot Tube Socks

Sad Face Keychain

Floppy Puppy Dog Iron-On Patch

Stalinski screen printing in her studio

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Have you seen Stalinki's work before? What's your favorite piece? Don't you wanna just surround yourself with those ice cream sculptures?!

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