March 11, 2012

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 3/11/12

Here's what I'm rounding up this week:
Inspired by this necklace from Modcloth (which is AMAZING), Jen from Jen Loves Kev created a totally-from-scratch tutorial for a handmade clay bead necklace.

Do you know the actual name for the dot over an 'i'? The metal part of a pencil? The thing that measures your feet at a shoe store? Didn't think so. Impress and amaze with your knowledge of these terms and more - there's even a name for that feeling of saying a word so much that it loses all meaning...and here I thought it was just my own insanity!

That frog is sitting on a dime as if it were a king size bed and somehow I'm supposed to not hunt it down and hug it to death. The other tiny animals featured in this quick video include a Bee Hummingbird (!) and a tiny parrot, which I think we all needed.

School pictures edited with animal heads: I'm in. Not sure if these are more funny or cute, but I do know that these art prints (sold as a set of 8) would look incredible on my wall. There are other sets too so you can collect them all!

This blog between former art school buds who wanted to continue creative collaboration without the need for lots of time, effort or money brings us simple projects each week, like dirty car drawing (shown above), frozen ink splatters and sandwich art.


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