March 20, 2012

DIY: Faux Fur Fox Scarf

I always love a little faux fur. While I’d never wear the real thing, a faux fur fox scarf gives a playful nod to fur stoles and coats of yesteryear while also doing its own thing as an offbeat, unexpected accessory. 
For a little time and very little cash you can make a fox scarf that’s as cute/funny/scary as you want it to be – here’s how:

What You Need
Scarf (I got this one at the dollar store and cut the ends off)
Dark brown faux fur 
Light brown faux fur
Eyes (I went googly, but any will do)
Hot glue gun
Marker or colored pencil

How to Make It:
1. Draw the shape of both a fox head and a fox tail on the back of your dark brown fur with a marker or colored pencil. Cut out these shapes.
2.  Draw a shape that mimics the bottom third of your tail shape on the light brown fur and cut this shape out. Hot glue this on top of the dark brown tail, matching up the bottom tips.
3. Hot glue your eyes in place on your fox head. I also cut out and added some light brown detail and a black felt nose for the face, which is optional. When you have your head and tail details glued in place, trim areas that didn't match up perfectly if needed.
4. Hot glue your fox head to one end of your scarf, making sure to center it widthwise. Repeat on the other end with the tail. You can also sew these instead, but my machine goes crazy with furs and other heavy fabrics.
That’s it! Wrap if around your neck so that both ends show in the front and you’ll have a delightfully strange new neck piece.
This can be repeated with tons of different animals – you can have an entire zoo worth of scarves! I think and elephant, cat or fish would be cool too. If you try it out show us pictures! What animal scarf would you make?



  1. Ahh, this is such a cute DIY! My manager at work wore a similar scarf that she got from Urban, and I was so envious. Glad to know I can make it myself if I want!

  2. Ciao, Hi there...Che Meraviglia,Amazing, it's so creative, so Artistic...You created a so Beautiful Masterpiece!
    I would make a Tiger or maybe a Bird that fly in the Turqouise Sky...or maybe a Butterfly
    Molti complimenti per il Tuo talento Artistico e per la Tua Bellezza!
    Ciao dall'Italia,Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  3. This post made me smile. The resulting scarf is original and cute!


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