March 9, 2012

BEAUTY: Diagonal Nail Tip Manicure

There are so many ways you can up your manicure game with simple items like Scotch tape that you probably have on hand. Here’s one quick and easy way to get a new look for your nails:

What You Need
> 2 Nail Polish Colors (I’m using BCC 564 by L.A. Colors and Sequin by Revlon) 
> 1 White Nail Art Polish (with the fine tip brush) 
> Clear Top Coat (I’m using Wet ‘N Wild Fastdry) 
> Scotch Tape 
> Scissors 

1. Paint 1-2 coast of your base color 

2. Use your scissors to cut 10 thin strips of the tape about 1 inch long and place them across the ends of your nails on the diagonal 
3. Fill in the triangular space with your second nail color and remove the tape strips before polish dries 
4. Trace the border of the triangular area with your nail art polish and finish with topcoat.


  1. using tape is such a good idea! i dont have a very steady hand when it comes to painting nails so this is a great tip for me. thank you!

    Paolina Alexandra Russo

    Check me out!

  2. Lovely nails! Using sellotape is such a clever idea!

  3. These nails are absolutely lovely! I always want to get creative with my nails, but usually I am too lazy and stick with a normal two-coat paint job. Haha!

  4. Super cute!



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