March 23, 2012

OBSESSED: Mood Rings

My nearly lifelong obsession with mood rings can be traced back to a fateful 1991 viewing of the film My Girl. If you’ve seen the movie you probably know that beyond the overpowering themes of loss, friendship and coming of age (And - SPOILER ALERT - FATAL BEE STINGS! WHY?!?!) there is also a fixation on the mood ring worn by the main character, Vada Sultenfuss, which is given to her by her best friend (and would-be future husband? WHY, BEES, WHY?). 

When I first saw the film I immediately grilled my mom about the “magical” powers of mood rings and why I’d never seen one. Since they were more popular in the 70s when the movie is set, it was no surprise that this 90s kid had never come across one. 

Perhaps through my sheer mind power, the undeniable magic of mood rings, or perhaps because they were prominently featured in a very popular film, mood rings became more common in stores around this time. Score! Now I could get one at the mall or at the checkout of every single convenience store. Want one with a dolphin jumping over a mood ring moon? A teddy bear hugging a mood ring heart? A silvery peace sign awash with mood ring magic? NOT A PROBLEM. They were all around me, but despite all the options I just wanted a simple oval mood ring exactly like the one Vada wore, and that is exactly what I got. 

It was a gift from my mom and I poured over the master chart of color codes to determine how I felt at every turn. I went from happy to merely content for no apparent reason and would suddenly dip into anxious without warning. I soon realized that, of course, these rings were cool and pretty but they most certainly did not have magical powers. Bummer. But they still looked cool and retro which was important to me even at age six. 

Here is a collection of some very cool mood rings that you can buy or just lust over, both new and old: 



  1. I love the colors of these mood rings, especially the 4th one down. For some reason, there are mood rings all over the place where I live, I might actually consider buying one now. Not like they're expensive!

    China Lily

  2. I love mood rings!!! I get mine at aquarium and museum gift shops - they're usually near the cash register. I have one in the shape of a turtle!! Just don't wash your hands while you're wearing a cheap one, because my fingers turn green...

  3. love all of those! i was just wearing one that i've had forever yesterday. except it doesn't work anymore because i lost it in my yard for a few years and then randomly found it...but it still fits! apparently, i'm just constantly feeling restless since it's permanently brown

    instead of an elephant

  4. I use to have a mood ring that i wore all the time in Middle school. It was my favorite ring and I have not idea what happened to it.

  5. aww, i LOVE mood rings. that second to last one is absolutely gorgeous!
    xo TJ

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  7. Do you know where I can get my hands on a replica of the mood ring from my girl? My SO loves my girl/that mood ring, and I'd like to find a very nice replica to use as an engagement ring when I propose to her. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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