February 26, 2012

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 2/26/12

Here's what I'm rounding up this week:
If you lived through the 90s this collection of photos, ranging from a Rock 'N Jock basketball game to a press photo signed "You're Too Cool" by Bob Saget to a candid of Ginger Spice typing away at a clunky desktop computer, will bring back warm and fuzzy memories or just make you glad we have 95% less daytime talk shows these days.

The lovely ladies over at Oh So Lovely Vintage are doing a weekly feature on the ABCs of Vintage, showcasing all kinds of fun retro goodies with a 60s vibe. You can read part one, two or three and check in next Sunday for part four.

Most people can't even play an instrument, let alone make one, let alone make one OUT OF ICE. This dude has a whole band setup and the ice percussion sounds amazing!

I'm a sucker for anything made with bamboo or natural wood, so these chic, eco-friendly sunglasses available on Etsy are right up my alley.

Have you ever noticed that some Wikipedia pages have the worst profile photos? A group photo for no reason, washed out with too much flash or an awkward underneath angle seem to be popular ways to make celebs look their worst. Whoever decides on the final photo must have some kind of vendetta, but Oh No They Didn't makes a positive spin on it, compiling a collection of the worst for our viewing pleasure.


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