February 7, 2012

BEAUTY: Ikea Helmer Beauty Storage

I didn’t invent the idea of keeping beauty products in the Ikea Helmer storage unit, but I’m definitely behind it 100%. When I started seeing this small wonder on various beauty and nail polish blogs, I became almost instantly obsessed and plotted a trip to Ikea.
There’s a reason these are so prevalent in the beauty blogging world – they really work. Small but mighty, the unit is only 11” wide,  27” tall and 16.75” deep, but its six drawers provide the perfect storage for all your girl bits (no, not those ones). Another reason they’re so popular is that the drawers are deep enough to store nail polish bottles upright, which is best. I’ve had mine in a mangled horizontal mess for pretty much eternity so I’m psyched to have them all neatly standing up where I can clearly see everything.

The Helmer is fairly easy to assemble as far as Ikea furniture goes and didn’t require any special tools. It also comes with wheels to keep it mobile. At $40.00 (US) it’s a little more than I wanted to spend (especially at Ikea), but if given the chance I would DEFINITELY do it again! Enough blabbin' - on to the pictures!

My top drawer is most of my makeup, which I’ve organized into sections with all my quick grab kind of things (chapstick, liquid eyeliner, tweezers) right up front.
The second drawer is more makeup, mostly palettes and more lip products.

The third drawer is my hair items, separated by type in these small dollar store organizers (3 for $1.00!). My brush fits right along the side and headbands are in back.
The fourth drawer is all my nail products.
The fifth drawer is various scarves, bandanas and more headbands.
The bottom drawer is body sprays and fragrances which I honestly barely use. Looking at this I just realized one of these perfumes was a Christmas gift – in 2001!

This is a great storage unit for small spaces like apartments, and combined with a TV tray table I was able to make a tiny vanity area in my somewhat cramped bedroom. A veritable oasis if I ignore the mountain of dirty laundry behind me!
A major bonus is that the Helmer would work anywhere in your home. If I ever get a new makeup storage solution (in my fantasy world where I don’t live in an apartment) I can easily make this storage for files, utensils or towels in other rooms. I got my Helmer in white for this versatility (it also comes in gray and red).

Do you use a Helmer too? If not, how do you store your makeup? Show us pictures!



  1. This is awesome! I'm so jeal, I really need to get organized like this, haha! Inspiring!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,


  2. I really want a Helmer for my make-up but I don't have any room in my bedroom! I also have the red heart mirror :) xx

    1. Helmers are so great! I didn't think I had space for one either until I moved some things around and then it magically fit! They really take up the smallest amount of space. Love the heart mirror!

  3. How very organised! I love anything that makes my life neater.

  4. What a good idea. Is it bad that I want to paint it though?

    Bright Green Laces

    1. Not at all! I love painting furniture and it is kind of asking for it. I've had thoughts of covering the entire thing in glitter.


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