February 3, 2012

ETC: Birthday Haul

Birthdays are great for special treats (like my rainbow layer birthday cake) and bringing friends together, but sometimes you also get really lucky in the gift department. The older I get the more ridiculous I feel sitting around opening presents at a birthday party. Not to say I don’t love and appreciate the gifts I get because, trust me, I really do. There was certainly a time when presents were basically the purpose of a birthday, but now I relish in an excuse to just have fun. Birthday dresses are good too.

I was very lucky this year and got so many awesome and thoughtful gifts that I feel compelled to share them. Here’s a rundown of some:

Make Your Own Root Beer Kit
Ah! I’ve wanted to make my own forever and now I have the supplies to make GALLONS! I’m not a huge soda fan but Root Beer is my jam. Plus I get to name my brew (Michelle’s Old Fashioned Spicy Root Beer?) on the included labels!

Scategories Categories
I love board games so much that I’d rather play them than do pretty much anything else at any kind of social gathering. A main reason I’m excited to one day have a family is to host mandatory Game Night. Scategories rules and this new take on it is sure to please! Kudos to the BF for finding a game I hadn’t even heard of yet!

Vintage Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers
OH. MY. GOD. Or should I say ‘Oh My Lisa Frank’ because the woman who dreamed up top hat-wearing teddy bears is basically my almighty. This punk rock dog design was my favorite growing up and my friend happened to have this still laying around. I cried.

Books, Books, Books
These new additions to my overcrowded (read: piling up on the floor in front of) bookcase were fun surprises. I LOVE fonts and this book is surprisingly readable and not all dry and typography-y so even non word geeks might like it (though to be fair, I’m in this world way too deep to see clearly on that). Plus vegan slow cooking? Yes, please!

Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers
I’ve mentioned before how close I am to becoming a collector of S& P shakers, and these cool magic wand ones aren’t helping. You shake the seasonings over your food as if you’re casting a spell! Amazing.

Little Miss Giggles Mug
She is my alter-ego and now I get to drink from her every day!


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