October 2, 2011

ROUNDUP: Weekly Links 10/2/11

Here's what I'm rounding up this week:

'Freaks and Geeks': Where Are They Now?
CNN just ran this piece to update us on what our favorite high school misfits have been up to since we were abruptly cut from their lives at McKinley High when the program was cancelled. Despite some noticeable absences (what's Milly been doin'?) it's an interesting read for anyone who hasn't been basically stalking all of their careers since 1999 - not that I have, of course...

Nancy Grace Nip Slip
She's finally been knocked off her high horse, everyone. Nancy Grace's recent wardrobe malfunction (when did that term get legitimized?) on Dancing with the Stars was simply delightful. I love to hate Nancy, who I have a working knowledge of primarily through hilarious clips from her TV programs which are a regular feature on The Soup. She is just SO uppity and righteous that I have to admit I like seeing her being the one going through the ringer.

If you've got a spot of hair above your lip you best hightail it to Chicago, as it was just named the top mustache friendly city in the US. Followed by cities like Houston, NYC and Cleveland, the city will seemingly roll out the red carpet for all mustache bearers, according to the American Mustache Institute (yep, that's real) which determined the title based on various lifestyle criteria, including the number of monster trucks and motorcycles and the concentration of restaurants "primarily serving Miller Lite." 

I love costumes and disguises. Seeing someone transform into a new persona is always entertaining to me, so when I came across this slideshow of 30 alter egos of Amy Poehler I had to share. See her evolve from a bushy-browed, tank top wearing dude to a 90s alterna chick to a cold sore clad lady with a crunchy perm before your very eyes! 

Have you guys seen the Biography Channel's I Survived yet? It's one of those shows that I tend to forget about but every once in a while I indulge in a full fledged marathon which demands and receives my complete and utter attention. The premise is basic, the visuals are simple; regular people who've faced death and survived tell their gripping tales in close shots over a stark black backdrop. Simplicity aside, this is pretty much the most engrossing TV show I've ever seen. Every nightmare, urban legend, and horror movie you've ever seen comes to life in their stories and you'll find yourself cringing and gasping the entire time.


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