October 8, 2011

DIY: Coffee Stirrer Necklace

Check out my new DIY necklace – you like? What would you say if I told you it cost practically $0.00 to make and that I got the bulk of my materials from a local donut shop? Well, prepared to be amazed as I bring you the DIY Coffee Stirrer Necklace!

Materials Needed
25 Coffee stirrers (the tube kind, not the stick kind)
14” length of chain
2 Jump rings
1 necklace clasp
Needle & thread
Pencil for marking
Chain cutter
Jewelry pliers

Step 1: Thread your needle and poke it through the first coffee stirrer, about 1/8” below the end of the stirrer. Pull the needle completely through the stirrer and continue stringing the rest of the stirrers, making sure to poke them all about 1/8” from the end. When finished leave about 6” of extra thread on either side of the stirrers.

Step 2: With a pencil, mark a dot about 3.5” down on the center coffee stirrer (number 13 if you’re using 25 stirrers) and then draw a dot about 2” down on both the first and last stirrer. From the center dot, draw a straight diagonal line to both the dot on the first stirrer and on the last, making a “V” shape. Use your scissors to cut just above that line.

Step 3: Cut your length of chain into two 7” pieces. Tie the excess thread on one side of the stirrers to the last loop in one section of your chain. Repeat on the other side and trim excess thread.

Step 4: Attach one jump ring to the end of each chain and add clasp. You’re done!

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