October 21, 2011

STYLE: I Met Betsey Johnson!!

It's a long, weird story that starts in a car dealership and ends in a mall several towns away, but the moral of the story is that...


Ok, now that we've all calmed down I can recall a brief version of my tale. Last Saturday I was innocently driving on a busy road when I saw it: a fluorescent sign at a Fiat dealership proclaiming "Betsey Johnson: Live Appearance Sunday!" I did not know how to process this information; even though the message was clear, I couldn't fathom that THE Betsey Johnson was going to be right there - right where I was! On Sunday I headed to the dealership expecting to battle the crowds for a glimpse at my favorite fashion designer. What I saw when I headed in was a beautiful mod table full of Sharpies, bottles of water, a stack of Betsey postcards ready to be made out to yours truly and a crowd of two teenage girls waiting in "line." That was it - I was definitely going to meet her and, apparently, have plenty of time to do so due to the minuscule line. 

Time crept by until a man who seemed to be in charge formally announced that Betsey was not going to make it due to traffic, time, a flight to catch...I had to admit I was disappointed, but truthfully it had seemed a little too good to be true. I was heading out when I (and my 2 line mates) were informed that Betsey was actually making another appearance at one of her stores in a nearby mall and if we wanted to go we'd be whisked to the front of the line and given the VIP treatment as long as we informed organizers that Patrick from Fiat talked to Petra who talked to...it was a series of information that seemed doomed to fail in application. Being hopeful, I hopped on the highway and headed over to the mall and straight for the event. Luckily I said enough important sounding words to a mall cop that he got someone from the store for me to repeat them to and she got one of Betsey's assistants (!) and before I knew it I was walked to the front of the crowd and let behind a literal velvet rope and presented to one miss Betsey Johnson! 

She was adorable in a calf-length pink and black striped dress with a worn in leather belt that had a pink rabbit's foot dangling from it. She asked if I'd been at Fiat and immediately apologized about her missed appearance and thanked me for making the trek all the way to the next appearance. Before I knew it she was embracing me for a picture perfect hug and I was hugging her back! Photos were snapped and I proclaimed my love before heading out and going home. It was a chance meeting on an odd Sunday morning, but I'm glad I went with the flow (it's so hard sometimes!) just to see what would happen - it really paid off! 

In honor, please enjoy this collage of some of my favorite Betsey pieces:

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