November 28, 2017

Etsy Shop of the Month: PIETenKEES

We Need More Love Postcard

When I see the collection of original artwork and trinkets on display in the PIETenKEES etsy shop, the words delicate, feminine and adorable come to mind. Every item, from the beautifully designed gift tags to the hand painted porcelain, comes from the same soft, whimsical perspective, and I can’t help but want one of everything.

Each item in this shop is "meticulously handcrafted" in the Netherlands-based attic studio of designer/proprietor Iris. There’s a sense of lightness and ease in her art, but her mastery of color and obvious talent always shines through. You'll find a lot of female faces and cutesy animals (the best things?) throughout her work.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from PIETenKEES:

Lady with Topknot Print

Egg Cup Plant Holder

Small Thank You Cards Set of 5

Ring/Trinket Dish in Watermelon • Whale in Party Hat Mug

Hand Embroidered Woman

Girl With Mask Wall Art

Wolf Wall ArtAdventure Time Wall Art

Gold & Turquoise Ring/Trinket Dish

Gift Tag SetCosy Home Postcard Set

Polar Bear MugHand Painted Milk Jug

Women in Black Dresses Print

PIETenKEES' attic studio

Working on a custom canvas print

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Have you seen PIETenKEES work before? Which of these is your favorite print? Aren't you living for that whale's little party hat?!

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