June 1, 2015

BEAUTY: Salux Beauty Skin Cloth Review

Since I've started using the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth, I've recommended it to people looking for something that exfoliates so well that it almost kind of hurts. If that scares you away, then this is totally not the cloth for you, but that's okay! It just means that, for whatever reason, you don't want medium-level pain to be a part of your bathing experience, and that is your choice. I mean, it's a weird choice, but it's your choice. For those of you that scratch mosquito bites until you draw blood and enjoyed playing with your loose teeth as children, this cloth will be your new best friend.

I will, Joie, I will.
Why can't we have more semi-flirty, semi-nude cartoon mascots in America?
The Salux has a fine enough grit to scrub you like it really means it. It might look like just an unraveled loofah, but trust me - it isn't. The texture is much rougher - too rough for your face unless you're realllly careful - and comparing the two is like comparing a chef's knife to a plastic butter knife. I don't mean to make it sound like this thing will rip you to shreds; this is more of a mid-level exfoliator, much stronger than a washcloth, but more gentle than something like a Baiden Mitten, which, in addition to costing FIFTY GODDAMN DOLLARS, allows you to actually see your exfoliated skin balling up around your body. I'm not looking for quite that level of skin shedding, but when I finally complete my transition into a rattlesnake, I'll look into it.

I've heard (who am I kidding? read, not heard. who talks to other humans anymore?!) people say that they just don't feel clean enough if they don't use a Salux, and I can understand that. It gives your skin a much smoother finish and a deeper feeling clean than a traditional washcloth ever could. 

Fresh outta the package!
You could use it flat...
...or ball it up!
The Salux is pretty large - 11" x 35". It's similar in size and shape to a drapey evening wrap, so every shower is basically like attending a winter formal. It is also excellent at lathering, and I can use a lot less body wash than I'd typically need to get crazy, over the top bubbles brewing. The cloth dries remarkably quickly, so as long as you give it a good rinse, maybe wring it out, and hang it to dry, it will never get moldy or smelly. Mine never ever appears dingy or mildewy, and you can even toss it in the washing machine (probably keep it out of the dryer) every now and then for extra reassurance.

You can buy the Salux cloth (in seven different colors!) for less than $6 from the official website. One thing I'd caution is that there are several Salux sellers (say that five times fast) on places like Amazon and Ebay that might be selling knockoffs, so I'd buy it from the source (which I did, quickly and easily) or try to find it in an Asian market in your neighborhood, where it might even be a little cheaper.

Are you down with deep exfoliation? Have you ever tried a bath cloth or mitt? Don't you feel that we're ready for more semi-nude product mascots?


  1. I always laugh when I see the Baiden Mitten. Crazy, crazy prices. Personally I prefer Italy Towels - they're a Korean thing that's not really identical to the Salux, but unassuming and super scrubby. (And really, really cheap.)

    1. I know, right?! Yes, Italy Towels are great! I get them for about a dollar each. I like those for more occasional hardcore exfoliating, but dig the Salux for every day scrubbin'. The more exfoliating the better! xo

  2. I've never heard of a Baiden Mitten but I am totally not ready to spend $50 on skin shredding, either!! This Salux sounds like a much better option for me, $6 and just gets the job of cleaning my skin DONE! I'm down to try it, especially if you're recommending it!

    Much LOVE!

    1. $50 is just INSANE. Yeah, I love my Salux and I definitely recommend it! I use it practically every day and really enjoy the exfoliation it gives me. It's great for winter too, when your skin gets a little too dry. Hope you like it if you decide to try! xo

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