June 8, 2015

DIY: Shoe Clips Tutorial

One thing I've noticed about myself as I get older is that I've become practically obsessed with wearing only comfortable shoes. Like, I have actual opinions about arch support! This is a newer development, as I used to be the kind of person who bought shoes because they were cute and cost less than $20. I once wore a pair of studded pointy toe flats that were two sizes too big for me because they were $5 and "cool." I wore them once, and part of that evening involved dancing cheek to cheek with the pavement when I tripped over the cumbersome shoe tip and fell into the street. Who was I?

Now, I live for well crafted shoes that are comfortable, support my high arches, and won't fall apart after one season, which also means I have way fewer shoes because that stuff is expensive! It also means that sometimes my footwear is not the cutest option available. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of cute, supportive shoes, but a lot of what I see (and am willing to pay for) are kind of plain, like these very comfy, but very beige strappy sandals:

The plus side: they feel like clouds, they have mini-wedges and every strap is adjustable! The negative: they kind of look like they were a 60th birthday gift. That is to say, they're a little mature. Or maybe I'm a little immature. Oh, wait - I'm about to show you how to stick plastic daisies on your shoes, so that's probably it!

Even if your shoes aren't plain, you might want to customize them or just generally snazz them up a bit. I think everyone could stand to have a few more options, am I right? Here's how to make some fun shoe clips for when you just want to get cutesy.

Shoe Clips or Clip-On Earrings {with a flat side}
Strong Glue, like E6000
Flowers, Buttons & Other Baubles
Wire Cutters {optional}


Sometimes you can buy actual shoe clip bases at the craft store, but I definitely struck out on that mission this time around. Instead, I opted for these blank clip-on earrings. You'll probably find several kinds of clip-ons, but these ones with the flat side will work best here.

To prep your decorations, you might need to first tweak them so that the backs are as flat as possible, ensuring a more secure bond to your clip-ons. For me, this meant using some wire cutters to snip off the stems of these artificial flowers and the backs of these daisy buttons.
Kind of a lot of daisies, to be honest.
Next, you just pop some super strong glue on your clip-on and press it against your decoration. 
Hold it for about 30 seconds and leave it to dry.
It's best to leave the hinge open while they dry to avoid getting glue on it.
Now all you gotta do is clip these decorative lil' bad boys on your shoes! I added some purple daisies to my ankle strap, and then swapped them out for bright blue buttons before popping on a set of white daisies. You literally never have to decide on one look, and what is better news than never having to make a decision? Literally nothing.

This project is so simple, you can whip up a pile of shoe clips in less than 15 minutes! Any random little baubles you have around but never had a use for will now be right at home on your feet. This is also a great way to reuse old jewelry, and you could even just put actual clip-on earrings here instead of doing any DIY, but I think you know that just isn't my style.

Would you ever customize your shoes? Do you wear heels even though they hurt? What are your feelings on arch support?


  1. Adorable! I used to always wear heels, but as I get older, I don't really want to deal with the foot discomfort most of the time. Lots of boring flats and - gasp - CROCS in my collection now.

    1. Thank you! I hear you - I just can't be bothered to wear something that actively causes me pain. Even more "comfortable" heels are still much more uncomfortable than flats, etc. Footwear should not be painful! xo

  2. I feel the same way about my Birkenstocks. My mom actually got them for me on my birthday (not that I wanted them or asked for them) after her foot doctor recommended them for her. I gave up on wearing wedge heels in the summer when I witnessed my bad-ass friend from New Orleans, twist her ankle walking of the street curb in some wedges.

    1. Yes, I love my Birkenstocks! My mom actually got me mine too (I have Gizehs) and they are so comfy and supportive. Plus, I think they're cute in their own way. Ahhh, ankle twisting is one of my fears because I've twisted, sprained and broken mine MANY times. Now I try to minimize the risk! xo

  3. So perfect! I love the idea of making a bunch of shoe clips and then having that variety to choose from each day. I love what you say about never having to make a decision. HAHA ain't that the truth!

    Much LOVE!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  4. Such a cute idea! They look lovely :)
    xx Ama


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