May 26, 2015

OBSESSED: (Creepy?) Doll Parts

I hesitate to label doll parts as "creepy" (thus the question mark in the title of this post) because they're not inherently scary or bad, but many people show anything from mild discomfort to full on terror when presented with them. I never had an interest in dolls. As a child, an elderly neighbor invited me over to see her "doll room," which is exactly what you're picturing: a bedroom filled to the brim with dolls. Dolls on shelves, dolls on furniture, dolls in boxes, dolls in Victorian dresses. DOLLS. This visit not only confirmed my doll apathy, but also showed me that the path of a doll lover could end somewhere really weird. I was always more of a stuffed animal girl, anyway.

I understand the creep factor, but I don't fear dolls, and I'm even oddly drawn to doll parts and unique things made from those parts. A whole doll just isn't my jam, but cut off its arms and maybe stick 'em on earrings - then we're talking! Here are some potentially creepy, maybe cute, definitely interesting items made from doll parts that I'm obsessed with:

1. These blank faces are perfect to stuff full of your favorite greenery! It kind of looks like crazy hair, and crazy hair on a baby is ALWAYS funny. {Buy Here}

2. "Please pass the doll legs! Oh, I meant salt and pepper!" A classic dinnertime mistake, but there's no longer a need to differentiate with these disturbing little gems. {Buy Here}

3. Somehow this hollow doll head manages to look - dare I say? - sophisticated. You know, within the realm of skull-based drinkware. {Buy Here}

4. With this set of hooks, it'll be like your own lil' three-handed youngster is tossing you your keys. What could be cuter, and more practical, than that? {Buy Here}

5. I love a good hand soap! Hand soap - get it? Really, though, give yourself a high five every time you scrub up. {Buy Here}

6. Keep your place in any book and trick people into thinking you're harboring tiny creatures within the pages. Win-win! {Buy Here}

7. On a cozy night, watch a little netflix, pop a tealight in her head, and watch it burn while she stares back at you, despite her lack of eyes. Talk about relaxing! {Buy Here}

8. This bottle stopper is great for keeping this "leftover wine" thing that some people seem to have, plus it makes it look like your liquids are spawning. {Buy Here}

9. I don't have an immediate use for these vintage fabric doll faces, but I'm sure I could find something fun to make with them. New phone case, anyone? {Buy Here}

10. This is not only a piece of art created from an old doll head and real quills - it can also hold photos, papers or memos. Very versatile! {Buy Here}

11. You could store candy, jewelry, or other trinkets in this doll-arm-supported dish, or you could go full on creep mode and use it for cereal. {Buy Here}

12. This studded doll head brooch is so adorable to me, which I'm now recognizing as a sign that this obsession may have me veering into "doll room" territory. {Buy Here}

13. We can't forget the queen of all dolls, Barbie. Carry her disembodied arm with you wherever you wander for a slightly horrifying slice of childhood. {Buy Here}

14. More of a leg girl? Pop these danglers into your ears and catch peripheral glimpses of Barbie's dainty feet all day. Bonus: I bet you could find some amazing shoes to attach here. {Buy Here}

Are you scared of dolls? What would you say if a neighbor invited you to their "doll room?" Don't you kind of want to stuff things into a doll head now?


  1. I'm a bit of a creepy doll lady myself actually - I collect Blythe dolls but I make sure to only keep a few downstairs so as to not terrify visitors (I think they're cute personally!). I really love the wall rack, the brooch, the hand soap (hilarious!), and the Barbie leg earrings. Melanie Martinez has a song called Dollhouse in which she wears the most amazing doll part necklace - I want it so bad!

    1. Whoa, I just looked up that video and you are RIGHT - that necklace is crazy cool! Thank you! xo

  2. YOU ARE HILARIOUS. LOLOLOL. I love the way you write about these items like you're working for the doll-QVC. Hahaha I DO love a good HAND SOAP. HA! "More of a leg girl? ...."

    Anyway, I see what you mean that dolls really aren't creepy if you think about it. I am one of those people that thinks they are creepy but am not terrified of them. It's just an uneasiness I feel. I did not realize there was a whole world of "up cycled" doll parts or just things made to resemble doll parts out there for purchase and use in your home... Enlightened!

    Much Love!!

    1. Haha, thank you! Yeah, I've never been scared of dolls in general, though a few specific ones have given me some ~vibes. But, like, those salt & pepper shakers, for example - there's just something about those weird little chubby bits that I find appealing! xo

  3. Seriously, SO cute!
    Sending you much love & Happy Wednesday!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  4. No, I can't.....too many dolls creep me out.....and disembodied doll parts even more so. Mainly because my brain cannot distinguish between what it a toy and what looks like a human baby. There is no clear distinction between the two at first sight so all I can think is mutilated babies until my brain finally goes, "wait! Hold up. That baby isn't even real". But now I kind of want my own three handed youngster.

    1. I totally get that! Your reasoning makes a lotta sense. I guess I can enjoy them in a kitschy, obviously cartoonish way the most (like the studded doll head brooch) so maybe my brain works a little like yours. Three handed youngsters would be wildly efficient! xo

  5. I love the little head pots.
    They're a little creepy but a lot awesome!

    1. Yes, exactly! Plus, I like that the faces are all different, but the plain white look of them brings the whole look together. xo

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