August 12, 2014

STYLE: Fruit Accessories

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Are you into fruity accessories? Is carrying a full on wicker lemon a bit much for you? Don't you want a floppy banana for your phone now?



  1. Hahahaha!!!! Floppy banana!!!!!! I'm into the pineapple trend.

  2. I *so* want a floppy banana for my phone! But I don't have an iphone, boo-hoo-hooo....

  3. Always been a fan of fruit accessories. Have you been to the website "Girlprops"..? It's a cheaper quality of jewelry, but I have purchased a couple fruit (orange slice necklace, pineapple necklace) items and it's decent for the price. They have a lot of awesome fruit stuff. Seriously, google it and check it out!!

    Really love that apple core necklace you've got up there from modcloth! And the lemon bag... And pineapple compact.... Hah!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

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