October 8, 2012

BEAUTY: 5 Favorites // Makeup Brushes

Flat Powder Brush from e.l.f. [$3.00 Available Here]
For just three bucks this powder brush really gets the job done. The bristles are super soft and the flat head works well for getting powder evenly and finely distributed over my face. It's especially nice for the cheeks and forehead. I've found that the "nice" e.l.f. brushes (meaning those that are $3 vs. $1) are really worth the extra couple of dollars. They are of noticeably better quality and they don't leave stray brush hairs all over your face like some of the cheaper options. Does that happen to anyone else? Sometimes I don't notice and leave the house looking like I have long cheek hairs. Flattering. This brush doesn't do that.

Eyeshadow Brush from e.l.f. [$1.00 Available Here]
Also from e.l.f., this dollar dynamo is perfect for covering your entire lid in one swoop. I have a fistful of these because they work so well (and because they're so cheap!). I've got some larger eyeshadow brushes too (this is a good one) which I use occasionally, but this is my go-to brush in the morning. Easy to clean, easy to use - this is one brush you definitely want in your makeup arsenal.

Smudge Brush from Sephora [$13.00 Available Here]
Everyone needs a smoky eye in their lineup and this small-but-mighty brush will help you get one. The short, stiff bristles give you a ton of control and work just as well to blend along the lash line as they do to blend in your crease or create a "V"- shaped outer corner. Love.

Crease Eyeshadow Brush from Target [$3.00 Available in Target Stores]
I've tried several crease shadow brushes and against all logic the one I love most is this one from Target. The bristles are soft and flexible and shaped in just the right rounded point to perfectly cover my crease and blend outward. Maybe it's the size/shape of my eyes, but this one feels like it was made for me.

Kabuki Brush from Wet n Wild [$2.00 Available Here]
The shape of a kabuki brush is just right to apply face powder or all over bronzer. It's short enough to give you good control over the makeup placement and its design fits right in the palm of your hand. I'd recommend any kabuki brush, but I picked this one because of its low price and accessibility - it's available in most drugstores.

What makeup tools can't you live without?

P.S. Looking to clean your makeup brushes? See my DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner.


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