September 27, 2012

OBSESSED: Crazy for Cobalt Blue

I've got it baaaaad for blue lately. Cobalt specifically. Love affairs with color are nothing new to me (I'm looking at you, mint green) but I just can't quit this one. It's been a year strong so far with NO signs of cooling off. I just bought a pair of cobalt wedge heels (see below!) and I could already go for another hit. Luckily, it seems this season there is plenty of cobalt to go around so my options are varied and plentiful. Cobalt is great for any season, but blends particularly well with autumn to add a vibrant pop of color. Simultaneously bold and traditional, cobalt is the color that works for everything - and everyone. Join in my cobalt craziness!

I have SEVERAL pieces listed above already (open front cardigan, studded purse, wedge heels, wrap dress, nail polish...) and I'm eyeing a few more. Can we just talk about that coat with the huge amazing collar? I probably shouldn't have discovered that. I kind of can't even talk about that glitzy fish scale pattern skirt. Cobalt is just SO GOOD. 

What color can you not live without this fall?


1 comment:

  1. Such a great colour! I dig all of these pieces.

    <3 Melissa


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