October 20, 2012

Apple Cider Floats Recipe

I'm all about absorbing every little tiny bit of autumn while it's here because I LOVE IT and because I know that cold, awful snow isn't too far behind. Part of absorbing autumn is eating and drinking as many pumpkin and apple items as humanly possible. Not too difficult this time of year, thankfully, and it's especially easy if you shop at Trader Joe's because they have SO much pumpkin stuff. I might have to go further into the benefits of pumpkin food items in a separate post, but today I bring you a new way to cram more apples into your fall eating. Enjoy!

What You Need
Apple Cider, Ginger Ale, Vanilla Ice Cream

How To Make It 
 Pour the apple cider to just under halfway up your glass.
Add the ginger ale mostly to the top, leaving about the top inch empty. 
In total I used a mix of about 2 parts cider, 1 part ginger ale.
Top off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can also sprinkle the top with some cinnamon for a little extra oomph.
Slurp it up!

What are your favorite fall treats?


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