August 11, 2012

DIY: Easy Beach Coverup From a T-Shirt

Normally I spend my vacation watching everyone jaunting around in amazing leopard print or floral swimsuit coverups while I'm wrapped in my Cinderella beach towel (I'm very cool), but this year I decided to finally plan a fun coverup BEFORE I was already by the water. Foresight is amazing! To keep it easy, cheap and simple (after all, I'm just throwing it over my wet swimsuit) I wanted to work with a t-shirt. I also wanted it to match the shape of my suit to avoid weird tanlines. Here's what I came up with:

What You Need
Oversized T-Shirt (mine was fluorescent yellow)
Another T-Shirt(s) (to cut up for the straps)
Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
Scissors & Sewing Pins

How To Do It
Lay your oversized t-shirt flat. Fold in half lengthwise so that armholes match up.
Cut off the sleeves, making sure to follow the curves and remove seams. Remove the neck, cutting straight across just below the lowest point of the collar.
Open the t-shirt back up and lay flat. Fold the top inch of the new neckline down on the inside and pin. Sew along this line. You can finish the hem nicely,, it's summer. This makes a channel for your strap.
Cut strips of your other t-shirt (I used 2 - blue and pink) about an inch wide (it's easier to fold it a bunch and then cut). This will give you loops so cut the loops to make a strip. Tie the ends of your strips together to form longer strips. The goal is 3 strips about 4 feet long. When you have that, tie the ends of your 3 strips together and braid them. It helps to pin them down and work slowly to avoid tangling.
Thread the braided strap through one of the channels you created at the neckline, looping through both in a "U" shape and ending with 2 loose strap ends on the same side.
Turn the t-shirt sideways so that the armpit is over your chest and the loose strap ends are in front. Tie the straps behind your neck and TA-DA - coverup! You can also wear it the "right" way and just tie the straps over one shoulder.

I added a pink ruffle to mine afterward because everything is improved by a pink ruffle. I hope this is clear but I would be happy to clarify or answer any questions that you have!



  1. This is an adorable little DIY thanks for sharing!

    Amanda Rose

  2. This could also be used as a dress for me right now. Austin feels like you are inside an oven with a hot shower on :) This is so cute and you are so talented and I'm not just saying that because we once floated in the same womb.

    1. Wow, Austin sounds beautiful this time of year! You should make it as a dress because YOU are talented!
      p.s. thanks for breaking in that womb for me!


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