August 21, 2012

ROUNDUP: Week in Photos - Vacation Edition

The combination of summer heat, long days and too many plans has been making me a total lazy bones on the internet. I'm just too busy being busy (and did I mention hot?) to actually write up blog posts, which I guess isn't too bad of a problem to have. Because of this, I've been meaning to maybe get around to thinking about posting a week in photos for the vacation I took one month ago. Oops. Well, better late than never, right? Here is a collection of lovely things that occupied my eyes and mind during a blissful week in the New Hampshire lakes region.
Too much time in a secluded cabin = overly elaborate manicures. 
My green hands on the right and my friend's rainbow manicure on the left.
 Our favorite retro diner and an order of blissful fried pickles.
 A perfume spraying machine! Only 25 cents for a blast of Tommy Girl, can you believe it?! 
Also, an adorable water bowl for furry friends.
 We had an influx of ducks this year and they were super friendly! 
This poor raccoon got stuck in the dumpster for a while.
 Me with our beloved ball, which we use to play the best-ever version of 'keep-it-up' in the water.
Fresh faced and scouting out summer freckles.
 Our cove has tons of tall trees and a wonderful private beach/dock right on the lake!
 Every road is SO GREEN. Me being a passenger is like a whole other kind of vacation for this perpetual driver. 
Also, a delightful waterfall at the old-timey shopping center.
My boyfriend lazes around on our last night with a tiny guitar found in an antique shop. The strangest pencil case in the entire world (what can you actually fit in there?) found at Staples. I laughed at this so hard and for so long that I was politely asked to stay in the aisles rather than the front of the store by management. Worth it!

P.S. I just realized that today is the one year anniversary of Neon Rattail! It seriously flew by! I love posting projects here and I'm so glad to have you read them. Thanks for stopping by!


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