July 25, 2012

ETC: Summer Road Trip Playlist

My boyfriend and I make new road trip soundtracks every summer for our drive to the lake and instead of our usual setup where I make a mix CD (yes, CD) and he makes one, we had the genius idea last year to make 2 CDs by alternating our picks track by track - his song, my song and so on. Very simple idea, but it was revolutionary for us! Now neither of us needs to wait more than a song length to hear our pick. It also gives my voice a rest, as I can't help but sing along to songs in the car. :)

Here's a sampling of our vacation soundtrack for 2012, including both of our picks. Listen while imagining me lakeside, hopefully sunburn-free. I hope you're on (or going on) vacation too!

1. Beach Boys: Breakaway
2. Bikini Kill: Rah! Rah! Replica
3. Little Teeth: Japanese Candy
4. Best Coast: Let's Go Home
5. Cap'n Jazz: Oh Messy Life
6. Freda Payne: Band of Gold
7. Carole King: It Might As Well Rain Until September
8. Jenny Lewis: You Are What You Love
9. Sleigh Bells: Born to Lose
10. The Stokes: Under Cover of Darkness
11. Mariah Carey feat. ODB: Fantasy 
12. Love: My Little Red Book
13. The Ettes: Crown of Age
14. Santogold: You'll Find a Way
15. Go Sailor: Fine Day for Sailing
16. Buddy Holly: Everyday
17. Outkast: Hey Ya!
18. The Oohlas: Small Parts
19. Violent Femmes: Kiss Off
20. Japandroids: The House That Heaven Built



  1. When you walk by every night
    talkin' sweet and lookin' fine
    I get kinda hectic inside

    Never gets old (dirty bastard)


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