July 1, 2012

ROUNDUP: Week in Photos

I can't believe today is July already - bring on the summer sun! Here's what I've been up to this week:

1. Homemade popsicles with fresh raspberries from the farmers market!

2. Working on new pieces for my shop

3. Got a new overnight bag for vacation later this month

4. Growing scallions from discarded roots is SO EASY! Disregard the red cups... 

5. First attempt at ombre nails...tutorial coming soon!

6. New cotton candy and ice cream hair pieces for either myself or my shop...

7. Treated myself to a Betsey Johnson wallet from T.J. Maxx for surviving a very busy week

 8. My boyfriend just got his very first cell phone - at age 27!

9. This awesome vintage planter is now my coffee table caddy

How is your week going?


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